How to Top Up Maxis Hotlink

Maxis Communication is one of the most known and largest service providers in Malaysia. It is based in Kuala Lumpur and offers various communication products which tailored for both personal and enterprise uses.

The brand name of Maxis prepaid SIM card is Hotlink. Hotlink provides you with a wide range of prepaid mobile plans, where you need to add credit plan first before you can use the service such as using internet network, making calls, or sending text messages.

There are several methods available on how to top up Maxis Hotlink SIM card, which will be explained in the following sections of this article.

How to Top Up Maxis

Top Up Maxis Hotlink through Vouchers

As it does with the majority of mobile service providers in Malaysia, you are able to top up Maxis Hotlink credit by using voucher card. You just need to find store or outlet that sells one, such as official Maxis stores or Hotlink stores.

Below are the steps to do to top up Maxis Hotlink through voucher card:

  1. Locate the nearest place that sells Maxis Hotlink voucher.
  2. Choose your desired amount of credit.
  3. After you have had the Maxis Hotlink voucher, scratch the part of the voucher that contains 14-digit pin.
  4. Open the menu of Call in your smartphone.
  5. Dial *111* and then enter the 14-digit pin on your card, followed by hashtag (#) sign.

For example: *111*0123456789191112#

  1. Wait until you receive a text message to notify that you have successfully top up your mobile’s credit.

Top Up Maxis via Mobile Application

Another available option of method to top up your Maxis Hotlink is by using the Hotlink mobile app. Not only the app allows you to instantly reload your credit, it also provides you with the best deals and rewards. You may use credit card, debit card, or internet banking to proceed the payment.

Below are the steps on how to top up Maxis Hotlink via the mobile application:

  1. Download Hotlink application on your smartphone.
  2. Launch the app and then select the menu Top Up.
  3. Choose E-wallet menu.
  4. Choose your preferred amount of top up.
  5. Choose your payment method before completing the process.

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Top Up Maxis Using Maybank2u

  1. Login to your Maybank2u account.
  2. Click on Mobile tab and select Prepaid Reload.
  3. Select No. Account
  4. Select Telco Maxis
  5. Enter Mobile Phone
  6. Select Amount
  7. Click Proceed
  8. Click Confirm and Pay
  9. Clik Approve
  10. Done

Top Up Maxis Using CIMB Clicks

  1. Login to your CIMB Clicks account.
  2. Click on Topup tab and select Prepaid Reload.
  3. Select From Account.
  4. Product select Telco Maxis.
  5. Enter Mobile Phone.
  6. Select Amount.
  7. Click Confirm and Pay.
  8. Done.

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About Maxis Hotlink Services

Maxis provide various options of broadband internet plans and mobile postpaid plans for its customers. As mentioned above, for mobile plans, both prepaid and postpaid types, it runs by Hotlink brand. Maxis itself doesn’t have any prepaid plan option, so you have to opt for their Hotlink prepaid SIM card if you want to use their service.

Hotlink is one of the four mobile operators in Malaysia that offers up to 4G/LTE network, along with Celcom, Digi, and U Mobile.

It is worth to note that you may find it easier to locate Maxis stores compared to Hotlink stores. However, you don’t have to worry as you still can buy Hotlink products in Maxis stores.

The official kiosks and stores of Maxis provides Hotlink top-up vouchers and they are basically located everywhere nationwide.