How to Activate AEON Credit Card

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It’s no longer a secret that using a credit card service is something that many people do. Young or old, self-employed or office staff, credit card is just a part of our financial life. Some people may be interested in having credit card due to the ease of payment, but some others may be interested in the frequently issued promos which each user create by cooperating with various merchants.

AEON credit card is one credit card many Malaysians use. Just like other credit cards, before using this, user has to activate it using a specific procedure. If you are new into using AEON credit card, don’t worry. The following information will show how to activate AEON credit card through two methods. You can easily choose any method that’s easier for you.

How to Activate AEON Credit Card

How to Activate AEON Credit Card via Online

Online activation allows you to activate your card easily and, most importantly, for free. Make sure you follow these steps to activate your AEON Credit Service Credit/Prepaid card.

  1. First, ensure your gadget (PC or smartphone) is connected to internet.
  2. Then, proceed to visit
  3. Choose Activate Your Card, and Activate NowHow to Activate AEON Credit Card via Online activation Payment
  4. You will see some fields that left blank. Fill it in according to your own personal information.
  5. Choose the type of identification card that suits your ID card. Then, write down the IC number.
  6. Following it, write down the credit card number that you’ve got. Make sure not to write it wrong.
  7. Set the expiration date according to the month and year shown on your credit card.
  8. Tick the small box of I agree to the terms and conditions after you read the T&C.
  9. Complete the CAPTCHA verification.How to Activate AEON Credit Card via activation Online Payment
  10. Submit your activation request.

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How to Activate AEON Credit Card via SMS

Another method of how to activate AEON credit card is by sending a SMS to 63633. Keep in mind that you will be charged for receiving SMS. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Make sure your SIM card has several bucks of credit left. As mentioned, you will be charged to receive the SMS.
  2. Open the SMS application on your phone. Navigate to Write message feature.
  3. Set the receiver to 63633
  4. Then, type this prompt for activation: AEON<space>CCACT <space>the last 4-digit of your new credit card and the last 4-digit of your NRIC number. For example: if your last 4-digit of your credit card number is 2173, and the last 4-digit of your NRIC number is 0006, then you’ll have to type it this way: AEON CCACT 2173 0006How to Activate AEON Credit Card via SMS
  5. Send your credit card activation request simply by tapping Send.

Another thing you should know before sending your activation request is the fee charged to you anytime you received a SMS from AEON. As mentioned in the official website of AEON, you’ll be charged RM 0.15 per useful information received. Otherwise, you will be charged the standard SMS rate.

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Let’s say, you activate credit card then AEON replied back by mentioning that the activation is successful. Then for this, you’ll be charged RM 0.15. If the activation is unsuccessful, you will be charged with a standard fee for SMS. The rate is based on your network provider.