How to Unblock TAC Alliance Bank

Alliance Bank Malaysia provides internet banking service for its customers called allianceonline. This platform allows you to access various banking services securely at anytime and from anywhere. You can use it conveniently as long as you have connection to the internet.

In order to provide online banking service safely and securely, the bank uses double authentication system. This system is known as two factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is an additional security layer with the purpose to ensure that the person that trying to get access to their online account is indeed the account’s owner.

The first layer of protection of your Alliance online banking account is your login credentials, which are comprised of username and password. Then, the second layer of protection is Transaction Authorization Code (TAC).

TAC is a 6-digit code that is sent to your mobile phone via SMS. You will receive this unique security code when performing certain online banking transactions such as money transfer or bill payments. However, if you input the wrong TAC code for certain times, you might get blocked by the bank. In this case, you need to know how to unblock TAC Alliance Bank.

How to Unblock TAC Alliance Bank

How to Unblock TAC Alliance Bank via Phone

The following guide will explain to you the steps to obtain TAC code and how to unblock TAC Alliance Bank:

How to Unblock TAC Alliance Bank via Phone

  1. Perform Alliance online banking transaction that requires TAC.
  2. After entering the details and confirmation of the transaction, select Request TAC.
  3. Wait until you receive TAC by SMS to your mobile phone.
  4. Key in the TAC and then select Confirm.
  5. See the status of the transaction:
  • If it is successful, then you are done with the process
  • If you have entered wrong TAC, then proceed to the next step
  1. Reach the contact center of Alliance Bank at 03-5516 9988 to ask for assistance

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As TAC is a tool used to protect the security of your online banking account, it is susceptible of being used for scam. Financial scam using this code is known as TAC scam and the case numbers are currently on the raise.

If the scammer is able to gain TAC code that’s supposed to be yours, then your banking transaction will be considered as authorized. By this point, you need to make a direct report to the bank as soon as possible.

TAC scams prevention is actually not complicated at all. You need to understand first, that it is impossible for TAC code to be sent to the wrong mobile phone number. Your online banking account is tied to your registered phone number, so there’s no chance the code is sent to anywhere else.

If you are happened to be the victim of TAC scam, the scammer might try to confuse you by stating that their numbers are recently changed and their TAC code is somehow sent to your number by mistake. If this is indeed the case, then it should be their responsibility to contact the bank instead of your number.

Any issue with TAC, whether if you didn’t receive it or if someone said you receive the wrong code, it is always better to verify it with the bank. You can dial the number of contact center above if you are an owner of Alliance Bank account.