How to Get BSN Account Statement Online

You probably are wondering about how to get BSN statement if you have an account there. Whether you have a Current Account, Savings Account, Credit Card accounts, or such thing alike, it would be nice to have a direct way to enjoy the service.

Don’t you like it when you can view your balance or status, and understand whether your account is healthy or not?

How to Get BSN Account Statement Online

What is eStatement BSN

eStatement is basically your account’s statements in the electronic form usually in the pdf version. You won’t get a printed paper statement on a monthly basis anymore.

And there is no need to check your mail anymore. Instead, you will get the electronic statement within your email inbox.

As the service progresses, it is now offered in myBSN account. If you don’t want to get the monthly email report, you can visit the official website and access the service.

This one is considered more convenient because now you can see your information anytime that you want. The eStatement is available for all account holders with BSN. It is also available for Giro Account and Giro-I account

The Benefits

When compared to the printed version, there are several benefits of this eStatement:

  • You will enjoy easy and fast access. Your info will be sent to your email on a monthly basis in a secured and timely manner. You can even expect it to be on time – and within the same date
  • You will enjoy the secure and safe mechanism. For many people, getting the eStatement in the email is safer because you won’t have to worry about other people’s prying eyes
  • You can enjoy easy statement history. Retrieving the historical records from the inbox of your email would be a breeze
  • You should enjoy environmentally friendly system. With eStatement, you basically save tons of papers. You are indirectly saving many trees.
  • You won’t have to pay anything. This service is offered for free

How to Get BSN Account Statement Online

  1. Log into your myBSN account
  2. Select Statement Download
  3. Select Account > eStatement > View eStatement
  4. Choose the month
  5. If you want to download it, you can do it as the option is already available

Be advised that you won’t have to do anything (registering, requesting for the service, etc) if you already have the myBSN account. Having an account alone would be enough to give you access to many services at the BSN.

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Registering through SMS

Here are the steps to register your account for eStatement through the text messages:

  • Type in STMT NRIC Email Address. For example: STMT 79855141234567
  • Send the text to 66300

The eStatement would be delivered to your email once you have performed successful sign-up. After you have registered, there would be an SMS notification stating that you have registered successfully.

And then the bank will start sending your eStatement on a monthly basis, starting from the next cycle onwards. The eStatement would be delivered to your mail together with a notification email, so you won’t miss it.

or via contact BSN customer service centre at 1300 88 1900

If you are still confused about the entire management, it’s advisable to visit the nearest branch to learn more.