How to Check Celcom Prepaid Balance

It does not take any complicated step at all on how to check Celcom prepaid balance. It is an important thing to do at some points just to ensure that everything runs as they should be.

Moreover, it is important to keep track of the balance just to control the usage of the service itself. One thing for sure, it is very easy to check on the prepaid balance of Celcom over the web.

How to Check Celcom Prepaid Balance Online

How to Check Celcom Prepaid Balance Online

Open any web browser application and go to the website of Celcom The next thing to do is to create an online account for the phone right on the website. Once the account is created and registered, it is easy to find all information regarding Celcom products and services as well as some awesome offers from Celcom.

The registration can be done by choosing the Sign-Up menu on that page. The required information to get it done includes email address, a username, a password, and of course the phone number under the service coverage of Celcom. Finished the registration and just login into the account to find a menu namely Account Details where all information about it can be found.

Upon choosing that menu on how to check Celcom prepaid balance, a new page will be displayed with all of the information regarding the registered user or account on Celcom.

You can check your Internet balance by sending BAL STATUS to 28882 and there will only be 1 Internet quota.

How to Operate the Interactive Voice Response to Check Balance?

Another way to check the balance on Celcom prepaid is by using the so-called Interactive Voice Response menu. Just initiate a prepaid call over a prepaid Celcom and press 1 to initiate the self-service function.

Press 1 once again to check on the prepaid balance of that number. Other available options include checking the Datamax balance by pressing 2 and lost reports by pressing 4.

How to Change to Xpax on Celcom?

It is easy to change the plan on any Celcom number to the Xpax service. Just visit the Celcom Online Store website and browse the preferred plan to use. Pick one of the plans and submit an online request for that. A temporary Xpax number will be given alongside a complimentary plan. Call +60196011111 to finalize and confirm the switch request to the new Xpax plan.

How to Pay Celcom Bills Online?

Aside from knowing how to check Celcom prepaid balance, it is also important to know the way to pay for the Celcom bills online. Go to the website of Celcom specifically on the login section for users.

Once the login is done, go to the Pay Now menu on the dashboard which the Billing Details will be displayed. Go to the Pay Bill section next and input the phone number, bill amount, and preferred payment method to get it done.