How To Check Maxis Balance

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When you travel to Malaysia and use their local internet or phone provider you may wonder how to check Maxis balance. Using a Malaysian internet provider will save a lot of money rather than using your own country’s provider.

Malaysia offers you with a widespread and mature GSM network that allows the users to get seamless calls all around Malaysia. Wherever you go, to Miri, Kinabalu, or Kuching, Malaysia will have several telecom firms that will help you stay connected.

One of the largest telecom firms in Malaysia is Maxis. They have a prepaid SIM card that is called Hotlink. The tourists can use their service specially made for traveling. The tourist’s version of Hotlink will have low SMS and call rates, and for mobile internet users, Maxis also has Hotlink Broadband SIM with a data package.

How To Check Maxis Balance

How Can I Buy a Hotlink Prepaid SIM card

Once you arrive at the airport, Hotlink is available at the Hotlink kiosk in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Outside the airport, you can Hotlink Simcard at the bus terminal, convenience stores, cellular phone shop, newsstand, and also a shopping center in Malaysia.

How Can I Check My Balance

First, you have to know your phone number. You can simply see it on your sim card package or dial *139# to see your phone number displayed on your phone. And to see the remaining balance of your phone, dial *122#. Your balance will be displayed afterward. This is how to check Maxis balance.

If you want to see the specific services they offer:

  1. You can dial *100# and choose ‘Easy Menu‘.
  2. In this menu, you can buy an internet package and check voicemail. Specifically for mobile internet status, the dialing number is the same, but then choose ‘Internet and Settings
  3. Next choose ‘Mobile Internet‘, and then select ‘Status‘.

How to Topup Hotlink Prepaid Service

The dialing number for Hotlink service is the same.

  1. You just have to dial *100#, choose ‘My Account‘, and select ‘Top Up‘.
  2. Once you choose the package, you will get an SMS confirmation that you buy that package.

Remember, per transaction, you will be charged RM 0.50. For those who have Hotlink postpaid service, they can also top up the prepaid service by using a postpaid number.

To do this, make sure that your postpaid account is already registered for more than 6 months.

It must be an active account that is not suspended or barred. The maximum top-up a month or per account is RM 500.

How Do You Surf on the Internet with Hotlink

Once you buy a Hotlink sim card, the staff will help you set up the card with the phone so that you can access the internet. Before you use it, ask them how to check Maxis balance.

And if their data package is not enough to you, take up the balance of your sim card and subscribe more data.

You can also make Hotlink as Wi-fi. Depending on your type of phone, you can use a Hotlink connection between laptop and phone.

Check the Hotlink website to see the latest package service they have. See your needs carefully so that you can decide which package to buy.