How to Activate Digi SIM Card

If you have just received a new SIM card, you need to know how to activate Digi SIM card. It is important so you can use your phone number and plan.

Activating your SIM card is not difficult. Here, it will be explained in an easy way.

How to Activate Digi SIM Card

Activate Digi SIM Card

Maybe you have just purchased a new plan or line and got a new Digi SIM card. If yes, you do not need to activate your SIM manually. The salesperson will have activated your SIM card when you purchase and register for it. Simply insert your SIM card into your phone and then get yourself connected to Digi’s network with no hassle.

If you want to activate Digi SIM card, and appear notifications the SIM is not yet registered. Kindly make your first call, you will be diverted to an IVR, you will need to choose your preferred language and press 1 to activate the service.

Another ways, you can activate your new SIM card using Digi Live Chat (10am-9pm).

But there are some cases when you have to take some steps to activate your card. Here is how to activate Digi SIM card.

What if I just port-in to Digi

Say you have just switched to Digi from another mobile service provider via Digi online channel. So, what to do after receiving your new Digi SIM card? Port-in customers must do the following action.

  1. Keep your old SIM card in your phone.
  2. You should receive an SMS confirming your network switch from your current telco provider.
  3. Reply to accept the confirmation SMS.
  4. After you lose signal on your old SIM, you can now change to your Digi SIM and start using Digi service.

If you are switching supplementary lines to Digi as well, ensure that your old SIM card(s) are installed in your devices so you can receive the network confirmation from your previous provider. Accept the network switching confirmation by replying to the SMS. After this you should be able to finish porting in to Digi service.

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What if I change from an existing Digi line to a new plan

If you change from an existing Digi line to a new plan, you need to contact the Digi Customer Service at 016 221 1800 to activate it. However, you can keep using your old SIM card if you want to.

How to activate my Digi Abadi SIM

Here is how to activate your new Digi Abadi plan. Firstly, insert the SIM card into your device. Dial any number to make your first call (FCA). You will be asked to choose your preferred language. After this, your SIM card will be activated.

Then, activate your Digi Abadi plan with an RM28 reload by dialing *128#. On the following day, you will receive an SMS or email to complete the Insurance Activation online.

What if my new SIM card is not working

If your new SIM card is not working, please contact the Digi Customer Service hotline at 016 221 1800. The customer service will help you resolve the matter.

What if I got the wrong SIM

If you receive the wrong SIM, you can go to any Digi Store to replace it with a new one. They will guide you in how to activate Digi SIM card.

How to reactivate a terminated prepaid number

A terminated number cannot be recovered. Please keep your number active by reloading or purchase Super Long Life if your plan is eligible.

Note: Once a number has been terminated, there’s no other option to reactivate it back. For Digi Best Prepaid, your last reload must not be more than 75 days. If it has exceeded 75 days, your number will be terminated.