How to Share Credit Digi

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Sometimes transferring credit of a prepaid user to other users can be very helpful in many ways. Another user who is in a desperate need of talk time credit to make a call will be thankful to be given the credit by other users.

Digi prepaid is among the network providers in Malaysia that offer the chance to perform credit sharing with other users. The things to do on how to share credit Digi is not difficult at all so that anyone should know about it. That will be a big help whenever needed in the future.

This feature is called Talktime Transfer in which a Digi user can share a certain amount of credit to other users. In terms of how to share credit Digi through the so-called Talktime Transfer, there are only a few simple steps to do.

Yet, it is important to understand that some plans may not be able to perform this kind of thing. An example of Digi plan that is not allowed to share credit is the one known as Digi Smart Prepaid.

How to Share Credit Digi

How to Share Credit Digi to Digi

So, how to share credit Digi easily over the service of Talktime Transfer? It is very easy to be done right away from the mobile phone with an active Digi Prepaid account in it.

  1. Start doing that by opening the Phone or Call app and type *128# then dial it right away.
  2. A menu page will be displayed in which there will be My Account option that has to be selected.
  3. Find and pick the Talktime Services menu from the next screen that popped up afterward by typing 1.
  4. Choose a transfer option and then input the mobile number of Digi Prepaid account to transfer the credit to.
  5. Once it is all set properly just select Call or Send to finalize it.
  6. A successful transaction confirmation message will be shown to follow the completed steps on how to share credit Digi.

Those few simple steps are easy to do and to remember which will be very helpful at some points.

What Are the Transfer Options for Talktime Transfer of Digi

It has been mentioned earlier that there are some options to choose in terms of the credit transfer to make.

The prepaid to prepaid transfer allows RM3, RM5, RM15, and RM25 to transfer from one user to another.

On the other hand, it will only be possible to transfer RM3, RM5, and RM15 from postpaid to prepaid.

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Will this Service Work on Roaming

It remains possible to use this service of Talktime Transfer from Digi on roaming.

As long as the Digi prepaid account is roaming with a partner of Digi, sending or receiving credit is possible without anything else to do besides the steps mentioned earlier.

Is there any Limit and Fee upon Using This Service

Unfortunately, there is a limit of RM100 per month in using the service of Talktime Transfer from Digi.

Yet, there is no limit to the number of transfers to make though. In terms of the fee for this service, the one sharing the credit will be charged 50sen while the one receiving it will be charged 25sen.