How to Top Up Digi Internet Prepaid

Suppose you are a foreigner who is now staying in Malaysia for an indefinite time. In that case, it is necessary for you to use local SIM cards to stay connected with your family, friends, or colleagues. Digi is one of the most used providers in the country.

It could be a nightmare if you run out of internet quota and still have no idea how to purchase an internet package. In the following discussions, you will learn how to top up Digi internet prepaid so that you can always keep in contact with the ones you love overseas.

How to Top Up Digi Internet Prepaid

How to Top Up Internet Prepaid via Digi Online

There is no need for you to leave your cozy sofa when you run out of Digi credit. You can simply reload it online. Here is the quick step-by-step you may follow:

  1. Go to the official website of Digi, or you can just go to
  2. Select the reload amount you would like to purchase and complete all the required details. Then, click on Reload.
  3. Go to the Order Summary menu to check your payment details as well as the reload.
  4. Click on Pay to complete your transaction. You will get an SMS notification along with your updated credits once the reload is successful.

Purchasing Internet Prepaid via Digi Kiosks

Here is the tutorial on how to top up Digi internet prepaid using Digi Kiosks:

  1. Find the nearest Digi Kiosk and choose your preferred language.
  2. Select the Prepaid Reload option; select the amount of credit or type of internet package you wish to purchase.
  3. Follow the remaining instructions, and you will get a text message along with your updated credit balance once your transaction is successful.

Using Softpin Reload Vouchers

  1. Purchase a Softpin Reload Voucher at the nearby Digi Store or any places that partnered with Digi.
  2. Dial [*123*][16 digits of reloading numbers][#][and press Call/Send.
  3. Example: *123*1234567890123456#

Top Up Digi Internet Prepaid Using MyDigi

  1. Launch MyDigi app.
  2. Click Reload.
  3. Choose Reload Amount, click Reload button.
  4. Click on Pay to complete your transaction.

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Top Up Digi Using CIMB Clicks

  1. Login to your CIMB Clicks account.
  2. Click on Topup tab and select Prepaid Reload.
  3. Select From Account.
  4. Product select Telco Digi.
  5. Enter Mobile Phone.
  6. Select Amount.
  7. Click Confirm and Pay.
  8. Done.

Top Up Digi Using Maybank2u

  1. Login to your Maybank2u account.
  2. Click on Mobile tab and select Prepaid Reload.
  3. Select No. Account
  4. Select Telco Digi
  5. Enter Mobile Phone
  6. Select Amount
  7. Click Proceed
  8. Click Confirm and Pay
  9. Clik Approve
  10. Done

Digi Prepaid internet reload may be purchased at the fullowing merchants:

  • 7Eleven
  • 99 Speedmart
  • Happy Mart
  • KK Mart
  • Mynews
  • AEON BiG
  • Cold Storage
  • Giant
  • Jason’s
  • Mercato
  • Tesco
  • BHPetrul
  • Caltex
  • Petron
  • Petronas
  • Shell
  • Maybank
  • Watson

Important Details about Digi Internet Prepaid

  1. The purchase of Digi internet top up will be deducted from the users’ FREE Talktime or credit balance.
  2. There are two types of internet top up that can be selected from:
  • Standard internet package: It’s an extra internet quota that has a specific period of validity. The speed of the internet is dependent on the standard speed of the users’ subscribed internet package.
  • Service quota: It’s an extra internet quota that can be used to surf some specific platforms or mobile apps only. It will also expire during a particular period. The speed of this internet package is also depending on the users’ subscribed data package.
  1. Digi users are also able to purchase additional internet quotas separately. If you still have an unused quota, it will be forfeited once your mobile internet data package has ended or based on the particular expiration date at the time of purchase.

The internet quota you purchase can only be applied for domestic use in the Digi network. As for roaming fees, it is calculated by roaming partners.