How to Top Up Celcom Prepaid

Topping up prepaid card is a must especially if you are using it for communicating via SMS, phone calls. By topping up your credits, you can also purchase internet quota that you can use for accessing online entertainment or browsing for some information.

Without topping up your call, you cannot use the prepaid cards’ features. if you are new to using Celcom prepaid, then finding out how to top up Celcom prepaid card will be very beneficial for you.

How to Top Up Celcom Prepaid

What is Celcom Prepaid Card

Celcom is one of many mobile service providers in Malaysia. It comes with several plans that will suit the customers’ desires, including prepaid, postpaid, and broadband plans. Device bundling is also one product that Celcom also comes with.

If you are choosing prepaid Celcom service, then it is important to top up your credit before using the card. It is similar to having debit/ATM card where you cannot transfer some funds to a certain account without having enough balance in the saving account.

Analog to that condition, Celcom prepaid will require you to reload the credit to be able for use. There are several methods that you can use for reloading your credit. The methods and its procedure will be mentioned below.

Top Up Prepaid Celcom Card

As mentioned earlier, in order to benefit from the features offered by the Celcom card, you got to reload your prepaid card beforehand. Several options that you can do yourself at home are as follows:

Through Celcom Life app

  1. First, download the app that you can easily find in App Store/Play Store/ Celcom’s website itself.
  2. Select Credit reload and pick one denomination which is being offered there.
  3. Proceed by choosing Payment Method that you like. Soon, you will go to the payment gateway page.
  4. Choose any payment methods that you want to use in general there will be two options: using online banking and through your card (credit/debit). Finish the processes so that the credit can be sent to your number.

Through Celcom online purchase

  1. By using your internet browser, visit Celcom’s portal for online credit purchase. The link is
  2. Once you have visited the page, choose which denomination that you want to credit to your number. Or, you can also choose internet package that you need to reload to your number.
  3. Don’t forget to input your phone number as well.
  4. Then, proceed to the payment method page. Similar to point (a), you can either choose to pay with credit/debit card, or simply getting redirected to the online banking portal. Finish the step-by-step procedure required so that the credit will be ‘transferred’ to yout mobile number.

Finding a Celcom Xpax dealers

Open your browser to access Xpax dealers through this website Enter the location where you are living, choose the service type, as well as the store type. Once you’ve finished that, you will be given a map where you can see the nearby Xpax dealers.

Top Up Celcom Using CIMB Clicks

  1. Login to your CIMB Clicks account.
  2. Click on Topup tab and select Prepaid Reload.
  3. Select From Account.
  4. Product select Telco Celcom.
  5. Enter Mobile Phone.
  6. Select Amount.
  7. Click Confirm and Pay.
  8. Done.

Top Up Hotlink Using Maybank2u

  1. Login to your Maybank2u account.
  2. Click on Mobile tab and select Prepaid Reload.
  3. Select No. Account
  4. Select Telco Celcom
  5. Enter Mobile Phone
  6. Select Amount
  7. Click Proceed
  8. Click Confirm and Pay
  9. Clik Approve
  10. Done

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So, those are three methods of how to top up Celcom prepaid card that you can use, of course, to top up your phone number with some credits or internet quota. The procedure is easy to do, isn’t it?