How to Pay Unifi Bill using SMS Billing

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If you are asking how to pay Unifi Bill, the best answer to that question is by using SMS billing. The method to activate the SMS billing will be shown here. Below, there are also a few questions related to the billing payment that you can figure out.

Everything you need to know is written in this article, and it is so easy to follow. All you have to do is reading them well, and then you will have the time to find out the best method to pay your Unifi Bill. Here is the full information for you.

How to Pay Unifi Bill using SMS Billing

Activate Unifi Home Bill via SMS

  1. Every month, you will receive SMS from 62100. The SMS will contain your bill (amount of money that you have to pay) and the link to pay the bill using Unifi website.
  2. Open the SMS and click on the link. Pay Unifi Bill via SMS
  3. You will be brought to the Unifi website and you will see your bill there. Enter the bill amount if there has not anything written there and then enter your email address on the box underneath the amount. Then click on the Pay Now option on the bottom of the screen. Pay Unifi Bill via Online
  4. You will be asked to enter your payment method. It can be via credit card or online banking. Select the one that you like the most. Pay Unifi Bill using SMS Billing
  5. Click continue and press OK on the confirmation to pay the bill. Pay Unifi Bill via Online Banking
  6. Done.

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Paying Unifi Bill FAQ

Can I Pay my Unifi Bill via Autopay?

Yes, you can activate your autopay or automatic deduction from your debit card or credit card. All you need to do is contacting a customer service of Unifi or downloading the myunifi app to activate the service. The number of customer service to call is the TM 100 call center.

Can I Pay my Unifi Bill via e-Wallet?

Yes, you can. To pay the bill via e-wallet, you can choose between the service of Boost App or Touch n Go App. They both work really well in paying your Unifi Mothly Bills.

Can I use Shopee to pay for the bill?

Yes, Shopee is also available to pay for the bill. You need to activate the Shopee billing service and then you can pay your bill using the e-commerce service.

Is there any other way to pay the bill in person?

If you want to pay the bill in person or straight to someone else, you can pay the bill at POS Malaysia, Agrobank, or in convenient stores such as 7-Eleven or at KK Mart. They are available in many locations and can be used to pay the bill with ease.

Can I pay the bill using Kiosk/ATM?

Yes, many ATM and Kiosks can be used to pay the bill. Find one closest to you and use your card to pay the bill.

That is how you pay the bill with ease. All you have to do is making sure you have understood your amount of bill to pay. That way, paying the bill no matter how the method is will be easier. This is the answer of how to pay Unifi Bill for you.