How to Top Up Digi

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Users of Digi Prepaid in Malaysia will always need to add credit to their account by performing a top up or a reload. There are some ways to get the top-up done in which they are all very easy to do.

Knowing how to top-up Digi is very important to ensure that the account is not running out of credit. More importantly, ensuring the top up is needed to maintain the active period of the number of Digi Prepaid in use. Check out these ways to perform a top-up or reload of Digi.

How to Top Up Digi

Top Up Digi Online

Online top-up is one of the ways to choose in terms of how to top-up Digi prepaid account. To do that, visit the official website of Digi and go to the section of top-up or reload.

  1. This is the link to go directly to that section
  2. Choose the preference and need for the top-up or reload and then just click the Reload button.
  3. Check the payment details by looking at the Order Summary and just click Pay to finalize the transaction.

Top Up Digi via Kiosk

Another way on how to top-up Digi is to look for the nearest Digi Kiosk. Approach the kiosk and choose the preferred language to start the top-up or reload process for any owned Digi prepaid account.

Choose the Prepaid Reload menu on the Kiosk display and just follow the instructions there. Once all of the steps in the instructions have been done properly, a notification of a successful transaction will be sent in the form of a text message.

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Top Up Digi via Voucher

The next possible way on how to top-up Digi is to buy a reload voucher and use the reload number to get the amount of credit it offers. There are places where the reload vouchers are sold that include some convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and even POS Malaysia as well.

Once the voucher is purchased, look for the 16-digit reload number. Open the dial app and input *123*16-digit reload number# to call. There will be a text message telling about the successful reload after that.

Top Up Digi via ATM

  1. Visit your preferred bank’s ATM or online banking website.
  2. From the menu, search for Other Services.
  3. Then, select Prepaid Reload/Prepaid Top-Up.
  4. Please note that steps, naming conventions and instructions will vary from bank to bank.

Top Up Digi via Maybank2u

  1. Login to M2u
  2. Select Buy Online
  3. Select Prepaid Type
  4. Select the Amount to top up
  5. Type your own or 3rd party mobile number if you are topping up for family and friends.
  6. Request for TAC.
  7. Check the mobile number is correct before you confirm the payment.
  8. Done

Top Up Digi Internet

Upon purchasing the Internet soft pin, customer is required to perform 2 steps to activate the internet either via the MyDigi App or UMB.

Digi Prepaid internet reload may be purchased at the following merchants:

299 Speedmart
3Happy Mart
4KK Mart
7Cold Storage


  1. Download MyDigi app from Google Playstore or App Store
  2. Open MyDigi app
  3. Go to Reload and key in 16-digit PIN


  1. Dial *123*16-digit pin#
  2. Press Call

Top Up Digi Internet via MyDigi

  1. Download MyDigi app from Google Playstore or App Store
  2. Open MyDigi app
  3. Go to Internet Balance
  4. Click Buy Internet button
  5. Choose from several option (Internet Package)
  6. Click Buy Internet
  7. Confirmation: Yes
  8. Done

Where to Find the Digi Kiosk to TopUp Credit

There are many Self-Service Digi Kiosks around Malaysia that Digi users can always rely on them to add more credits to their account.

The complete and clear information regarding the locations of the kiosks can be found in the following link 24 Hours Self Service Kiosk

What is the Talktime Advance Service of Digi

This is a unique feature or service of Digi in which Digi customers are allowed to borrow Talktime credit from Digi.

It is like a loan but the on to borrow is only in the form of Talktime credit. All registered prepaid customers of Digi can enjoy this service within at least 4 months and even more.

Who is Allowed to Buy the Traveller SIM Package of Digi

Digi offers a package called Traveller SIM Package for non-Malaysians who are currently traveling to Malaysia.

It requires the passports of the travelers to be shown upon purchasing the SIM at the Digi outlets across airports in Malaysia.