How to Share Topup Digi

It is very convenient for Digi users to be able to share or transfer their top-up or credit to other users in certain circumstances. Despite the easy ways on how to share top-up Digi, it is important to understand the requirements to do so.

This feature is only supported by certain plans of Digi prepaid. Unfortunately, this useful service will not be usable for those who are using Prepaid Live, Smart Prepaid, and Easy Prepaid v3. Users of other plans will find no problems in sharing Digi top-up.

In terms of how to share top-up Digi, it is also important to make sure that the amount of credit to transfer is enough. More importantly, there will only be several options for the amount to transfer.

How to Share Topup Digi

How to Share Topup Digi

It means that the transfer feature or service of Digi is not that unlimited and free to choose. The available choices of credit amount to transfer are RM3 for 2-day, RM5 for 2-day, RM15 for 5-day, and RM25 for 7-day. The good thing is that there is no limit to the number of transfers to make in a day.

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Once the requirements are met, it is time to do the steps on how to share top-up Digi to other users under the supported Digi prepaid plans. One of the ways to share the credit top-up of Digi is by sending a text message to the administrator.

Transfer Credit Digi to Digi

On the other hand, local users of Digi prepaid plan will need to dial a different combination of numbers on how to share top-up Digi.

  1. Open up the dial menu then call *128#
  2. Choose My Account menu.
  3. Under that menu, find and choose Talktime Services and then Talktime Transfer respectively.
  4. Reply 1 to select Talktime Transfer
  5. Choose a transfer option.
  6. Key in the Digi mobile number you wish to send Prepaid credit to and select CALL/SEND
  7. You will receive a confirmation text message upon successful transaction.
  8. The maximum total amount of top-up shares to make is RM100.

Transfer Credit Digi International

Write a new text by typing TN(space)(country code)(mobile number) and send it to 2000. Select the amount of credit that you wish to transfer. Reply Y to confirm the transaction.

Or make service dial to *128*1*7# and then choose the Talktime Transfer International menu. Those are the steps to do for the international transfer of Digi top-up.

What Will Happen to a Barred Account of Digi Prepaid when It Receives a Transfer

It remains possible to share Digi top-up to any barred account. Upon using the Talktime Transfer service or feature, the barred account will be reactivated.

The active period of the reactivated account will depend on the amount of credit that is transferred to it.

What Happen to the Currently Active Period of an Account when It Receives a Transfer

Any account of Digi prepaid that remains in its active period while running out of top-up credit will retain the active period upon receiving a transfer.

Even though the active period of an RM3 transfer is only for 3-day, it will change to the remaining active period of the account receiving the top-up share.

How to Add More Credits to Perform the Transfer or Topup Share

There are several ways to add more credits before performing the transfer. It will not affect the availability of the transfer service or feature though.