How to Share Top Up Digi to Digi

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Knowing how to share top up Digi to Digi is important if you have a prepaid plan. It’s troublesome to run out of credit when you don’t have money to top up. But do you know that you can ask a friend to share some?

Yes, it’s possible to transfer credit to a prepaid Digi number with Talktime Transfer. Talktime Transfer is a service that enables customers who have been using Digi services for at least 3 months to transfer credit to a Prepaid account. Here is how to do it.

How to Share Top Up Digi to Digi

Transfer Top Up Digi to Digi via UMB

  1. First, dial *128# and choose My Account.
  2. A menu will be shown. Select Talktime Services.
  3. Then, Reply 1 to choose Talktime Transfer and pick a Transfer option.
  4. Enter the Digi Mobile Number to top up prepaid credit and Send/Call.
  5. Done

Here’s listed out all the top UMB codes to make your account access easier.

Prepaid SubscribersOption 1Option 2
Check Quota*128*3*6#*200#
Internet Package*128*3*1#*116*1#
Internet Pass*128*3*3#*116*3#
Quota Top-Up (Video Freedom)*128*3*5#*116*5#
Quota Top-Up*128*3*5#*116*5#
Talk time Service*128*1*7#N/A
Reload*128*1*2#*123*<16 digit reload coupon>#
Roaming Pass*800*3#Available while overseas and not in Malaysia.
Prepaid SubscribersOption 1Option 2
Check Quota*200*1#*128*1*1#
Quota Top-Up (Video Freedom)*128*3*1*1#*200*2*1#
Quota Top-Up (Sharing)*128*3*1*2#*200*2*2#
Roaming Pass*800*3#Available while overseas and not in Malaysia
Check Balance*128*1#N/A
Quota Top-Up*128*3*1*1#*200*2*1#
Broadband SubscribersPrepaid BroadbandPostpaid Broadband
Internet Package*128*1#-
Check Quota*128*3# or *200*1#

*128*1*1# or *200*1#
Quota Top-Up*128*2# or *200*2#*128*3*1*1# or *200*2*1#
Reload*128*5# or *123*<16 digit reload coupon>#-

Share Top Up Digi to Digi via MyDigi

  1. Grab your phone and open MyDigi app.
  2. Select Digi Share
  3. Click on Add a number to shareShare Top Up Digi to Digi
  4. Insert person’s name or number or import contact from address book
  5. Choose RelationshipShare Credit Digi to Digi
  6. Select contact to Pay Bill or Reload for
  7. For Postpaid contacts, enter Amount, Email, and click Pay Bill
  8. For Prepaid contacts, select reload methodTransfer Credit Digi to Digi
  9. Select reload Amount, enter your email and click on Reload
  10. Enter 16-digit PIN and click on ReloadTransfer Credit Digi Prepaid
  11. Done

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a notification. The number that you send credit to will be notified as well. And that’s how to share top up Digi to Digi. Easy, right?

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Can everyone use Talktime Transfer

Only selected Digi plans can use this service. If you use Digi Easy Prepaid v3, Smart Prepaid, and Prepaid Live, you can’t do it.

How do I know which Digi plan I use

Simply dial *128# and select My Account. Choose Call Plan from the menu. You will receive information about your Digi plan on your phone.

How much credit transfer is allowed

The maximum transfer you can perform per day is RM15 or 3 transactions, and at most RM100 per month.

Is there a charge for using Talktime Transfer

Yes. If you transfer the credit, there is a service charge of RM0.50 on top of the amount of credit you transfer. For the person receiving the talktime credit, the charge is RM0.25.

How long is the validity of the transferred credit

The validity depends on how much credit is transferred. If you transfer RM3 or RM5, it is valid for 2 days. RM15 transfer is valid for 5 days and RM25 transfer can be used for 7 days.

Can I transfer credit to a non-Digi prepaid account

No, Talktime Transfer can only be used to transfer credit to Digi prepaid numbers.

Can I use Talktime Transfer while roaming

Yes. If you’re roaming with a Digi prepaid roaming partner, you can use *128# like how to share top up Digi to Digi as usual.

What if a barred account receives a Talktime Transfer

Your barred account will be reactivated if you receive credit via Talktime Transfer. The duration that your account is reactivated depends on how much credit is transferred to you and how long the validity is.

My account is active, but I don’t have credit. What happens if I receive Talktime Transfer

Your account will remain active up to your original reload requirement date. For example, your account is still valid for 5 more days and you receive a Talktime Transfer of RM3. The RM3 credit received will be valid for 5 days rather than 2 days.