How to Check Celcom Data Balance

It is common for Celcom users both old and new ones to ask about how to check Celcom data balance. Keeping track of that matter is very crucial today. No one wants to pay for an expensive bill without clearly knowing all about it.

Checking on the balance of Celcom especially in terms of its data plan is very easy. It is as easy as checking on some other information regarding any Celcom service due to the vast and fast digital and online environment of today.

How to Check Celcom Data Balance

How to Check Celcom Data Balance

The Online Customer Service (OCS) website of Celcom is the place to go to get the data balance information. It is the general portal where users information can be accessed after registering and logging in to the OCS account right there.

Just look for the View & Pay Bills menu on that website. Next, go to the Billing Details, and certainly, the data balance information of the Celcom account will be displayed there. There is the option to pay for the bills right away as well.

On the other hand, it is possible to get the latest information on the balance and print it out as well. Go to the Bill Statement menu under the View & Pay Bills to check on the statement on the balance.

Download and print that to use it as a guideline in terms of the usage and the bill to pay regarding Celcom services. It is recommended to always consult the Customer Service for further assistance whenever needed in terms of how to check the Celcom data balance.

If you want check celcom data balance via SMS, please use this format. To check balance, send VOL STATUS to 22188

Check Celcom Data Balance Celcome Life App

You can check celcom balance with celcom life app very easily.

  1. Download Celcome Life App on Google Playstore or App Store.
  2. Login Celcome Life App
  3. Click Local menu, you will see the data that you have used.

Celcom Life App Features

Postpaid User

  • Check Bill Statements & Pay Bills
  • Billing information: Credit Limit, Bill Cycle, Unbilled Amount
  • Payment Methods: Pay bill & reload with credit card, online banking, & Boost e-Wallet
  • Lifestyle Privileges: Various selected privileges for opt-in users
  • Social Add-Ons: Unlimited Social Add-Ons passes
  • Roaming passes: 1-Day Internet Pass, 3-Day 3-in-1 Pass, 7-Day 3-in-1 Pass and 10-Day 3-in-1 Pass in Saudi Arabia
  • Auto-Billing: Enable via app
  • Check your transaction activity with just few taps
  • Request for new SIM card via app

Prepaid User

  • Easy Reload: Credit Reload & Internet Reload
  • Ultra Hour Pass: Unlimited Internet from RM1
  • Check Credit Balance & Validity
  • Ultra Pass : Internet Plans
  • Roaming passes: 1-Day Internet Pass, 3-Day 3-in-1 Pass, 1-Day Social Add-Ons and Hajj & Umrah Pass in Saudi Arabia
  • Credit Advance: For when you need a little help
  • Validity Extension: Extend your validity period easily

How to Reduce Data Usage of the Celcom Plan?

It is possible to control the usage of the Celcom internet plan by reducing data usage. There are many ways to do that.

The key thing is to control the behavior of the applications on mobile devices that are using the internet a lot.

A few things to do to reduce data usage include limiting data usage for certain apps, disabling autoplay of videos, disabling apps in the background, and activating data saver mode on mobile devices.

How to Check Data Usage on Celcom Home Wireless Service?

It is very easy and simple to check on the data usage of Celcom Home Wireless. Just go to the website and use the given credentials to secure login to that website of Celcom.

The available menu of Check Usage is the one to choose to get the information on the usage of the Celcom Home Wireless service. Other options include Purchase Additional Data ad View Purchase History that is all useful for all users of Celcom services.

Is It Possible to Change Plan in the Middle of an Active Celcom Plan?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do that on Celcom. Users are not allowed to either upgrade or downgrade the plan in the middle of a currently running plan.

Buying additional data is the solution to those who have been running out of data in a running plan. So, it is a good idea to always check on how to check Celcom balance for that matter.