How to Check My Digi Number

Digi is Malaysia’s leading telecommunication service provider. There are postpaid numbers and prepaid numbers.

Some people often forget about their Digi number either it is prepaid or postpaid. People often forget to check their number or the information of their numbers.

How to check my Digi number is the common question when you are traveling to Malaysia.

How to Check My Digi Number

To Check Whether My Digi Number Still Valid or Not

It is common for some people when they can not remember numbers, even their phone numbers because phone numbers always contain some numbers which are hard to remember.

When you travel to Malaysia, you should change your phone number into Digi number.

The problem is people sometimes forget the number as it is a new number.

If you have a Digi number and you forget your number, you can dial *126#, *124#, or *128#. The operator will tell you about the information on your Digi number.

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How to check the information of my Digi number via Digi Application

When you are traveling to Malaysia, you need to use a Digi number for your communication provider during your stay in Malaysia.

The common question for the beginner users is how to check my Digi number?

We suggest you download MyDigi from the play store or app store. It will help you to get some information about your number including the balance and the active period of the number.

  1. After you download the application, you can register your number, full name, email, and password to sign up.
  2. When you already login to the application, you can manage your Digi account directly from the menu bar.
  3. You can view your account usages such as the internet, the call, and messages.
  4. You can also reload and extend your active period from that application.
  5. This application contains all the information of your Digi number completely after you login.

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How to check the information of my Digi number via dial phone

Besides having the MyDigi application to check the information of your Digi number, some numbers will provide information on your Digi number.

If you have a prepaid number, you can dial *126# to get information about your number. Or, you can dial *200*2# if you want to know your Digi data balance.

The information about your balance and internet usage will appear on your phone screen when you dial *128*3*6# on your phone screen.

How to verify my Digi prepaid registration

As the other prepaid service provider, you need to register your number. You can register your number by SMS containing your ID number and wait for the verification reply.

When you can not get the verification report, you should go to the nearest Digi Store to update your registration process. You can find the nearest Digi Store on its official website.

It is a must to know some information about a certain local provider that you should use during your vacation abroad.

For example, when you visit Malaysia, you should have information on how to check my Digi number as long as you use Digi as your provider during your visit.

When you already know about it, you will not worry about the information of your Digi number including the balance, internet usage, and also the active period.