How to Check Internet Balance Celcom

If you use Celcom you may not know how to check internet balance Celcom. Celcom provides your app and website to help you check the credit balance and reload it.

There are two things to do, you can simply dial *124# or browse the Celcom Life App then click “Reload”. Choose Credit Reload, and you can choose several denominations.

After that, select the Payment Method you desire and click Next. The page will redirect you to the payment process, and complete your payment.

How to Check Internet Balance Celcom

What Types of Plans that Celcom Offer

If you choose Celcom as your mobile provider, they have two different plans you can choose, Prepaid and Postpaid plans.

For Prepaid, it is called Celcom Xpax and for the Postpaid plan, they have Celcom Mobile Plans.

What is Postpaid Plan

The postpaid plan itself is divided into 5 different plans you can choose, for instance, Celcom Mobile Platinum Plus, Celcom Mobile Platinum, Celcom Mobile Gold Supreme, Celcom Mobile Gold Plus, and Celcom Mobile Gold.

What about the Prepaid Plan? What is That

Different like the Postpaid plan, the Prepaid plan and sim card are available at any dealers, blue cube, and also online.

You can register to haven’t both of the plans by visiting their stores. Or you can register to have their plans online.

What Do I Need for Registration

If you want to apply for registration, you can use your Police identification, Army, or MyKad, if you are Malaysians. And for Non-Malaysians, you need to prepare an iKad, passport, or the Ambassador ID.

You also have to pay for RM 100 for the data plan, or RM500 for the voice plan. One more important thing to know, make sure you are already 18 years old and above, and for verification purposes, you have to be present.

How Do I Choose My Own Mobile Number

You can choose your own mobile number from their series of normal running numbers. But, if you want to choose some preferred numbers, choose the Celcom Mobile Platinum plan.

After you get your number, purchase data plan, later we give you information on how to check Celcom data balance.

How Do Users Sign Up for an Online Customer Service account

Celcom provides its users with Celcom online customer service. This feature is available for all active prepaid, postpaid, home fiber, and broadband users.

To get the account, you have to register. Click on their Register menu and follow their instructions.

What Kind of Transactions Can I Do in Online Customer Service

Users can do several transactions, both prepaid or postpaid plans. For Prepaid users, you can do SIM replacement, reload balance, view your balance and usage, check your validity extension, and also sign in for another value-added service.

While for postpaid users, you can do bill download, view and pay the bill, subscribe to auto-billing, change the billing address.

You also can do SIM replacement, and subscribe to other value-added services. To know how to check internet balance Celcom, check this service.

For the bill checking, Prepaid users can check their previous usage for the last 45 days, while the Postpaid users can view and download their bill for the last 6 months.