How to Check Celcom Bill

It is important to know the ways on how to check Celcom bill before paying for it. Knowing the exact amount of the bill to pay will greatly help to prepare for it.

More importantly, it will provide the chance to check on the total amount of the bill itself. Just in case that it is not right, something can be communicated to be done before paying for it.

How to Check Celcom Bill

How to Check Celcom Bill Online

celcom check bill balance

Contacting the Online Customer Service or OCS of Celcom is one of the ways to check on the bill to pay.

It needs to login to the Online Customer Service page by using the line number to check the bill.

  1. Visit to
  2. Once the login is successfully done, go to the menu of View & Pay Bills on the left side.
  3. Click on the Bill Statement/Billing Details and there will be displayed the details of the current bill on that line number.
  4. You can only view the latest 6 months bill.

Check Celcom Bill With App

Another way on how to check the Celcom bill is through the Celcom Life App.

The App needs to be downloaded and installed first. To see the bill through the version 2.5 of the App is very simple. Just log in to the App and go to the Pay Bill menu right away. The Billing Details will be displayed immediately to check on it.

Check Celcom Bill Online

On the other hand, those who are using version 3.0 of the Celcom Life App will need to do things a bit differently. Once the App is downloaded and installed, use the line number to successfully login there.

Check Celcom Bill Account

Tap the Pay Now menu on the dashboard. The Billing Details will be displayed right there. The only difference is the way to make the payment through which will lead to the Pay Bill dashboard.

How to Start Using Celcom?

It is easy to switch to the service of Celcom. Go to the authorized dealers or service centers of Celcom and ask for port-in.

There will be a service registration form to be filled and completed before a SIM card is given.

When the port-in request is approved, the service of Celcom will be available upon activating the SIM card.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Online Customer Service Login Password?

There is nothing to worry on the occasion of forgetting the password for the OCS login. Upon attempting to do the login, go to the Forgot Username or Password menu.

Type the username or line number of Celcom and an official ID number such as Passport, Old IC, and NRIC.

Click the menu Submit and it will be processed. A temporary password will be sent over text to login and change the password.

Is it Possible to Check the Old Bills?

There is a certain way on how to check Celcom bill from the previous month. Postpaid users can get the details of the bill up to the last 6 months.

On the other hand, prepaid users will only be able to check the details of the bill up to the last 45 days. This service is important to check the history of the bills and track them from time to time.

What is Unbilled Amount Celcom?

Unbilled Amount is the usage that has not billed yet. You can check the details once your bill is generated.