How to Pay Income Tax Online Malaysia

For those who want to know how to pay income tax online Malaysia, learn the information about it below. It will show you the easy way to pay the tax online using the official portal of ByrHasil from the government.

In addition, there will be related details to the topic below as well. It should help you to understand a few more information about the tax online that you should pay.

How to Pay Income Tax Online Malaysia

Paying the Income Tax Online Malaysia via ByrHASiL

  1. Open the website of ByrHasil (
  2. On the main menu, click on the ribbon on the left side of the screen that says Pay with Online Banking.
  3. Once clicked, there will be three steps menu you will find there. The first one is Identification Information. The second one is Payment Information, and the last one is Bank Information.
  4. Fill the Identification Information boxes. Select the identification type and then key in your identification number. You will see a security code displayed underneath the identification number, enter the security code and then click Submit.
  5. Now, you need to fill in the payment information. A review of your income tax will be shown on the screen. Fill the boxes and follow the instruction accordingly.
  6. The last step is to fill in the bank information. Enter the bank account number and the method of payment you want to use to pay taxes. You will be asked to provide for verification. After that, click Submit and the tax income is going to be processed according to the bank.

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The Alternative Methods for the Income Tax Online Malaysia Payment

Payment with credit card

For your information, you can pay your income tax online using credit card. Almost all major credit card providers in Malaysia are eligible to be used to pay the tax income.

They are including the American Express, Visa and MasterCard as well.

Moreover, there will be any fees if you pay your income taxes with credit card. Credit card provides some banks which are entitled to apply fee to the payment.

The processing fee is around 0,8% or slightly more. However, it won’t change the amount too much, and it should bring the easiness and convenience of paying the taxes online.

Payment with online banking features

There are many banks in Malaysia that have online banking feature to pay the income taxes. They are including CIMB Click, RHB Online, CitiDirect, Maybank22, Pos Online, Public Bank eBank, and many more.

Offline payment

Some of you may also ask if I have to pay the taxes offline, where should I pay them? Well, paying the taxes offline can be done in ATM, KIOSK, or Post office. Many banks can also allow their customers to pay the taxes on the bank branch.

That’s the basic information you need for the topic. From now on, you do not need to wonder about how to pay income tax online Malaysia anymore. It is very easy to do, especially with the online method.