How To Check Touch N Go Balance Online

How to check Touch ‘N Go balance online is a common question for you who are new in Malaysia.

For you who visit Malaysia, you can use the Touch ‘N Go card to make some payment during your visit to Malaysia.

Touch ‘N Go is a kind of digital wallet that you can use to pay any payments including toll payment, public transportation, retail stores, and parking lots.

It can be a physical card or you can register it as an e-wallet in Touch ‘N Go e-wallet application.

How To Check Touch N Go Balance Online

How Check Touch and Go Balance Online

There are some tips on how to check Touch N’ Go balance online.

  1. The first step is you need to access Touch N Go portal then you should register your physical card and your identity to log in.
  2. Input your Card/Device Serial No
  3. Select Nationality
  4. Input Identification No
  5. After you have already registered, you can log in and you can check your balance and your transaction history.

Check Touch and Go Balance via Touch ‘n Go eWallet App

  1. Besides checking via MYTouchnGo website, you can also download Touch ‘N Go e-wallet on the app store or play store.
  2. Then, you can sign in and add the serial number of your TNG card to register your card.
  3. You can find the serial number on the backside of your TNG card.
  4. You just synchronize your physical card with your application on your smartphone.
  5. It is so much easier because you can easily check your Touch ‘N Go balance and the history of your transaction anytime and anywhere.

How to use the Touch ‘N Go e-wallet to pay

When you have registered and downloaded the Touch ‘N Go e-wallet, you can use it to pay for your purchase. There are some steps in paying using the Touch N Go e-wallet.

  1. The first step is of course you need to have the application and already register your card and log in to the application.
  2. Then, you should launch the application and click the ‘Pay’ icon.
  3. Then, you are directed to scan certain QR codes.
  4. You can allow the merchant to scan the QR code on your screen.
  5. The merchants always provide the QR code if they accept that payment method.
  6. After scanning the QR code, you can input the total amount that you need to pay.
  7. The last step is entering your 6-digit PINs to complete your payment.

How to know the expiry date of the Touch ‘N Go card

Each Touch N’ Go card has a ten years lifetime. You can find the expiry date on the backside of the card.

If you want to transfer the balance of your expired card to your new card you should pay RM 5.30 for the administration fee.

If you do not use your card in a year, your card will be directly deactivated because there is no transaction on a certain period. At least you need to use your card once in a year to avoid deactivation.

Before you make some payments by using the Touch N’ Go card, you should understand  how to check the Touch N’ Go balance online. You need to check the balance of your card before you pay your purchase using that card.

How to register for check the transaction and balance?

You may obtain the Touch ‘n Go card serial number for MyKad (10 digit) from reload receipt.