How To Check Malaysia Visa Is Original Or Fake

Before visiting Malaysia, you need to see how to check Malaysia visa is original or fake. This happens because sometimes when foreigners visit this country, there are reports where visitors bringing falsified or altered Malaysian visas were arrested for altering the documents illegally. They also stay longer than permission.

Now, knowing whether your visa was approved and authentic is easy.

How To Check Malaysia Visa Is Original Or Fake

How Can I Check My General Work Permit Status

For some foreigners, immigration visa permit and procedures in Malaysia is quite difficult so you need to hire consultants or agents to guide you. You can check the permit status online. Even you can check it using your passport number. This service was started in 2014 and helps foreign workers check their status easily.

One thing you need to have is the Nombor Permohonan of the Application Number, No. Kad Pengenalan Majikan or Employer Identification Number, and also No. Pendaftaran Syarikat of the Company Registration Number. The last document is called ROC Number in Malaysia.

To know how to check Malaysia visa is original or fake, you also need to have the Company Name. This can be found on PLKS or stickers on your passport. But, if you don’t have a passport, check your iKad, because of the permit copy issued by the subagent or employer. Once you get the name of the company, you can check your status. Remember that your status of general work permit is issued by 5 approved sectors.

How Can I Check Visa from Passport Number

Here we list you several visas you can check online. If you want to check Calling Visa, collect the visa application number.

  1. Open
  2. Then, input those numbers to Nombor Permohonan Box, click ‘Submit/Carian‘.how to check malaysia e visa is original or fake
  3. If you want to check Professional Visa, try to find the ‘Nombor Permohonan‘ or a code that is listed under the barcode.
  4. Submit your code and passport number.
  5. The last one is checking the student visa.
  6. You only need your passport number. Check your visa on the Malaysia Government official website, you can also go to the Malaysian embassy to get further information about the visa.

If your visa not appear, read this: how to check if I am blacklisted in Malaysia

How Do I Make Payment of My Malaysia Visa

The visa applicants can pay using their credit cards to submit their visa applications. Like another kind of transaction, applicants need to enter the details of their cards, like the expiry date, the number, and also the security code.

Once you finish your application, the final step is payment. Make sure that you already fill all the required information like your name, address, date of birth, travel plans, and passport details. Small mistakes or inaccurate information will result in complications and delays in the process.

After you pay, the process is very quick, and the approved visa will be sent via email. You get an eVisa. By applying for eVisa, the applicants will get all updates via email.

When traveling to Malaysia, you just need to show the approved eVisa and the passport. One thing to make sure that the details you put on the visa are the same as the one in the passport. That’s how to check Malaysia visa is original or fake.