How to Check SOCSO PERKESO Number with IC

Similar to other countries, Malaysian government provides a scheme of insurance which is conducted by the PERKESO – Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (the social security institution of Malaysia). This institution is also known for being called as SOCSO (Social Security Organization) as well.

Despite being something that many people know already, if you are a new worker working in Malaysia, you will be subject to contribute to their organization as well. Some of you may wonder how to check SOCSO number with IC for some reasons. Find out the answer in this article below.

How to Check SOCSO Number with IC

Checking SOCSO Number with Your IC

If you are a Malaysian resident and working in your own homeland, then it is easier for you to find your SOCSO or PERKESO number. Your SOCSO number is basically the same as your NRIC or IC number. Since Malaysian identification number has 12 digits in general then your SOCSO number is also 12 numbers. Keep in mind you do not to include the dash while writing it.

For example, if your Malaysian NRIC number is 736437240823, then this is also your SOCSO number. This information is also well-stated in the PERKESO’s FAQ website.

However, if you are still unsure about this, you may do any of these methods below.

Place a call to SOCSO customer careline

Since paying a visit to SOCSO office is troublesome, especially if you are working, then calling the careline is one of the best options of how to check SOCSO number with IC. Here is what you are required to do:

  1. Grab your phone and call the careline at 1300 22 8000. Make sure that you are calling on working days, which is Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Other than that, you will not be able to call.
  2. The customer service will ask you your identification number. For Malaysian, this means you should verify your identity with your name and IC number.
  3. In less than a minute, the careline person will give you the number.

Your salary slip

Another option to know your SOCSO number is by getting it from your salary slip. Along with it usually you will find the EPF number and SOCSO number printed as well.

Maybe you wonder why you don’t have this number on your slip. If that’s the case, it’s best to ask to the HR department to verify it.

What is Actually SOCSO and PERKESO?

As stated earlier, SOCSO and PERKESO is basically the same. SOCSO stands for Social Security Organization, which basically the English term of PERKESO (Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial). Every worker in Malaysia is subject to this kind of ‘employee insurance’ aside from Employee Provident Fund which is collected from the salary/wage.

SOCSO itself provides a kind of protection for its members; not only in terms of medical services, but also cash benefits for any injuries, illness, accidents, disabilities, and even death which are work-related and occurred at the members’ workplaces.

That sums up some information about how to check SOCSO number with IC. The bottom line is, checking your SOCSO number can be done simply by seeing your own Malaysian IC number. However, if you are unsure about that, then calling the customer care or getting the number from the salary slip are also doable as well.