How to Check Income Tax Number Malaysia

Register yourself first then you can see how to check income tax number Malaysia. The Income Tax Number that can be used to do all dealings with LHDNM or Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

It is a unique reference number. Once you register for a tax, then this department will allocate the income tax number to you.

To get the tax number, you have to prepare several documents related to your job.

If you do not have income from a business, you only have to prepare the latest salary slip and also identification card.

While for those who have business income, prepare your Business Registration Certificate and Identification Card.

How to Check Income Tax Number Malaysia
How to Check Income Tax Number Malaysia

How Can I Obtain an Income Tax Number?

To get an income tax number, you need to register online through e-Daftar.

  1. You may visit the official website of the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, and click on their ezHASiL.
  2. Then, click on the e-Daftar link or icon, carefully go through their instructions.Check Income Tax Number Malaysia
  3. Choose on the Borang Pendaftaran Online or Online Registration Form link.
  4. And to see your income tax number, click on Semak No. Cukai Pendapatan Anda Terlebih Dahulu .
  5. If your number is issued, it will come up here.
  6. Then, enter your MyKad number and also the Security Code is shown on your screen, and click Hantar.
  7. If there is no matching record, click on the e-Daftar, complete the form, and submit the registration.
  8. If you’re successful, submit the form, there will be Registration and Application Number assigned to you.
  9. Use this number to submit supporting documents and check the application status.
  10. Remember to upload your supporting documents within 14 days from the registration date.
  11. You can upload it via fax or online. Once it is completed, the email that contains your Income Tax Number will be sent to you in 3 working days. And if you don’t receive one, try to check your e-Daftar application status using the Application Number.

How Can I Check the Previous Years’ Tax Return?

After knowing how to check income tax number Malaysia, you can also check your previous years’ tax return by using your tax number.

  1. Firstly, go to the official website of the Income Tax Department, and click on the menu of ITR-V Receipt Status.
  2. Input your PAN and also your assessment year.
  3. The Captcha code will be shown and enter it, click Submit.
  4. When you already file your particular year, it will be shown ITR-V Received. But, if you haven’t filed anything, the response will be No e-return has been filed for this PAN and assessment year, or e-filing acknowledgement number.

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Who Has to Pay Income Tax?

If you are working in Malaysia and earn more than RM 34,000 per annum after the EPF deduction, you need to register a tax file.

But, if you are only working for less than 60 days or you work outside Malaysia, you don’t have to pay some.

How Much Tax Do You Pay?

If you earn around 5,000 to 20,000 per year, you will have to pay 1% of tax. And if you earn between 20,000 to 35,000, the tax will be 3%, and for those who earn between 35,000 to 50,000, you will have to pay 8%. Go to the website to see closely how to check income tax number Malaysia.