How to Pay Water Bill Labuan Online

Water bill is the monthly utility bills that you should pay routinely. For those who live in Labuan states, you must have known that you need to the monthly water bill to Labuan Water Department.

Lucky you, these days you can pay the bill even without going to the nearest counter. What option do they offer to pay the bill online? If you wonder how to pay water bill Labuan online, this article will inform you about that.

How to Pay Water Bill Labuan Online

Is Online Payment Available for Labuan Water Department?

Short answer for it: yes, it is available! Now you don’t have to go to the nearest counter to pay off water bill anymore. With online payment, you only have to register online to this certain website, and link your banking account with it.

It seems like online payment have gotten more frequent recently. It surely is a good movement, and by making online payment more prominent, it means you don’t have to spend transportation cost, especially if the nearest branch is quite far from your house.

Methods of Paying Labuan Water Bill

To pay your monthly bill, there are several methods to use, such as:

  • Paying directly through RHB online (special for RHB customers only), and
  • Using the service of POS Malaysia Online

One thing to remember: you need to register your banking account beforehand because if you want to use POS Malaysia Online, you will be linked to the internet banking page of your bank.

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Step By Step Pay Water Bill Labuan using Pos Online

Let’s focus on paying the bill using POS Malaysia Online.

  1. First of all, open your browser and access POS Online website at
  2. Click on Login and activate the Sign Up tab to make a new account. if you already have a POS Online account, proceed with logging in using your username and password.
  3. Enter your personal information on the registration form provided on the page. Once you have already finished entering your information, don’t forget to tick the checkbox, and click Register afterwards.
  4. Complete the email verification before logging in back using your newly made account.
  5. Back to the POS Online login page, log in using your username and password.
  6. Use Bil Payment, then on the search box, type Jabatan Bekalan Air Labuan and click Enter payment. Pay Air Labuan using Pos Online
  7. Then, enter you billing account number and the amount that you need to on the box provided.Pay Air Labuan by Pos Online
  8. To ease you in further payments, tick the box of Save as registered bill. Then, click Add to cart.Pay Air Labuan by Online Pos
  9. Review your payment details, and if everything is right you can proceed to check out.Pay Air Labuan using Online Pos
  10. Pick one from the various payment methods offered. For easy payment, usually FPX is the one method preferred, but this method will cost you a charge of RM 0.90.Pay Air Labuan using Pos Online Payment
  11. You will usually be linked to the internet banking page. Next, you will only need to log in and do the payment as usual. An authorization may also be required during the process.

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As the last step of the procedure of how to pay water bill Labuan online, you should not forget to save the receipt once you complete the transaction.

If there is a dispute between you and the institution regarding the bill, the receipt will prove that you have already paid it.