How to Pay Water Bill Online Using Maybank2u

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These days, many regional water departments provide online payment services for their customers. One of these payment methods is Maybank2u.

This internet banking service by Maybank makes it possible for the customers to pay the water bills through the app itself. Are you wondering how to pay water bill online using Maybank2u? Check the details below.

How to Pay Water Bill Online Using Maybank2u

Easy Online Payment for Water Bills

There must be times when you wonder whether to go or not to go out just to pay your house’s utility bills, and water bill is one of them. In fact, paying bills is a must, but oftentimes we are too lazy to dress up and go out only for that purpose.

Luckily, now you can pay your bill simply through various online payment methods. As one of the largest banks in Malaysia, Maybank also provides this online bill payment service as well.

Maybank2u and its internet banking service enables you to pay the bills, ranging from water, electricity, and even paying for home mortgage. Now, monthly bills can be paid after placing just a few taps!

How to Use Maybank2u to Pay Water Bills

Since water bills vary largely from one state to another, you should make sure first that your regional water department is affiliated with Maybank.

If the department is not affiliated with Maybank, then you cannot apply this procedure of how to pay water bill online using Maybank2u.

Once you are sure that your regional water department is affiliated with Maybank, you can proceed the payment by doing this procedure:

  1. Just like initiating any transaction, you need to log in first to your Maybank2u account. A valid User ID and Password are two things that you need to key in in order to access your account.
  2. Choose Pay by tapping on the button and continue by selecting New Payee afterwards.
  3. On the payee search box, input the name of your regional water department. For example, Jabatan Air Sabah if you are living in Sabah. Simply choose the biller as your payee.
  4. Then, enter your billing information. This will include inputting your bill account number (you can retrieve your account number from the payment receipt you obtained from previous payment).
  5. If any, input your reference number as well. Tap Continue afterwards.
  6. Continue by entering the Amount that you need to pay. Make sure the amount is the same as the amount billed under your name.
  7. For the last step, you will be asked to authorize the payment. You need to tap Confirm and request TAC. Once you retrieve that TAC authorization code, you can finalize the payment by entering the code.
  8. Done! Now your monthly water bill is paid already.

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Pay Water Bill Online Using Maybank JomPAY

  1. Log in to M2U, select PAY & TRANSFER followed by PAY.
  2. Select Payee and click on New Payment. Select the right entity from the drop down list.  Pay Water Bill Online Using Maybank2u
  3. Pay From: Basic Saving Account
  4. Pay To: Payee
  5. Account No: Account Number Pay Water Bill Online Using Maybank2u JomPAY
  6. Input your payment Amount and click Pay.
  7. Done.

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Maybank2u can be accessed through mobile banking app or through your desktop. The aforementioned procedure will suit mobile banking’s interface more. But in general, the procedure in both gadgets is similar.

Therefore, you should not worry to apply the procedure of how to pay water bill online using Maybank2u mentioned above when paying through your desktop.