How to Check Maybank Credit Card Balance

Knowing how to check Maybank credit card balance can save you a lot of time and efforts. If you are one of the card holders at the bank, you definitely want to know your balance, limit, and such thing alike.

It would be such a waste of time to go to the nearest branch just to get the info. After all, we are in the modern time where everything can go online, so why don’t you make use of it?

How to Check Maybank Credit Card Balance

Simple Arrangements for the Statements

These days, most people are going paperless. Instead of getting the printed billing information, most people prefer going online and checking their transactions by their own.

If you prefer the online way, you can actually gain access to the mail and SMS alerts. And there are actually several benefits of this paperless system.

In the overall way, you are given the freedom and flexibility to view your balance. If you prefer the paperless method, you will have an online viewing access.

This method is applicable and easily managed through the internet. What if you need the printed form? It’s easy.

You only need to save, download, or print your balance. However, if you are the old-school type wanting to get the printed report, you will have to go to the nearest branch to manage it that is, if they still cater to the printed service.

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The Benefits of eStatement

The general benefits are:

  • Easy and fast information. You can always get a direct access to email notification or SMS alert anytime that you want. If you arrange the notification on a regular date (bi-monthly, bi-weekly, a month, etc), it happens automatically. But in case you want to access it once in a while, you can also get it right away. And you don’t have to go through any drama for it.
  • You should be able to get a direct access to the eStatement up to 12 months (a year) anywhere and anytime right away without having to wait long
  • Environmentally friendly feature. With this paperless method, you help to reduce paper usage and paper waste. If you need to print or save it, you can still do it
  • Secured access. You are the only able to access and view the statements. If it is in printed form, imagine how many other people will be able to see your personal information – in case there is a security breach

View Statement Maybank Online

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Log into Maybank2u
  2. Select Bill Payment
  3. Choose Other Bill Payment
  4. Select Other Bank Credit Card on the section of Biller Category
  5. Provide the credit card info details

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How the eStatement Works

You will have to arrange it with the bank whether you want the printed one or the eStatement. It is crucial that you visit the nearest branch to arrange it.

The eStatement notification will be fully effective in the following month. So, let’s say that you request for the eStatement in October, it is possible that you may even get both printed and eStatement in October.

Then, you get the eStatement in November without any printed form. Be sure to register your phone number and email with Maybank to be updated.