How to Check the Maybank TREATS Point

TREATS Points is a loyalty program in the form of points for every transaction made with the Maybank Credit Card. It provides additional benefits for Maybank Credit Card Holders.

It is part of the benefits that you will get after you apply and use Maybank Credit Cards. The TREATS point will be accumulated on your monthly billing.

If you want to know how to check the Maybank TREATS point, there is some information about it.

How to Check the Maybank TREATS Point

How to Check the Maybank TREATS Point

TREATS point is calculated from the value of every transaction by using the Maybank Credit Cards. The transactions include retail transactions and both online and offline installments.

The transactions that are not calculated on TREATS point are Maybank XBill and Maybank XCash. Not all types of Maybank credit cards that can have TREATS point.

They are Maybank Credit Cards Visa Infinite, Platinum (Visa, Mastercard, JCB), and Gold (Visa, Mastercard). Other than those types can not get TREATS points.

You can check the treats points via online by:

  1. Log in to M2u (
  2. Select Accounts and Banking
  3. Select Treats Points

Or you can also call our Customer Service Executive at 1 300 886 688 or 03-7844 3696 (overseas) for further assistance.

How to find out our Maybank TREATS point

There are some ways on how to check the Maybank TREATS point. The TREATS point is usually stated on the monthly billing statement.

The monthly billing states how many points that you have collected and also the accumulation points. You can also call Maybank Customer Service Executive and ask about your Maybank TREATS points.

What is the advantage of the Maybank TREATS point

This loyalty program from Maybank, of course, has an advantage. You can redeem your Maybank TREATS points and claim your prize using those points.

You can exchange your points for some shopping vouchers, e-voucher, or discounts on certain merchants, merchandise of Maybank, travel voucher, cashback, airport lounge voucher, or annual fee.

How to redeem Maybank TREATS points

To get the advantage from TREATS points you need to redeem your points into some prizes. Each prize has special provisions on how many points that you can redeem for a certain prize.

It is not difficult if you want to redeem your points. You can call the Customer Service Executive or you can send an email to the customer service enclosed your name, your credit card number, the type of redemption, and how many points you want to redeem.

If you want to redeem the TREATS points and have some clear explanation, you can come to the Maybank bank office to get a further explanation about the redemption.

What can decline the redemption of the TREATS point

As this is a loyalty program for Maybank customers, of course, there are some terms and conditions applied.

Of course, the Maybank credit cards have to be in an active condition, not currently blocked, no exceed usage on the credit limit, and there is no late payment.

The TREATS point can be exchanged depending on the minimum amount of the points required for each redemption.

The bank will automatically decline the redemption if the number of TREATS points is insufficient.

As an international bank, Maybank always tries to satisfy its customers. The TREATS points are one of its ways to appreciate its loyal customers.

Before doing redemption of the TREATS points, you need to make sure the number of your points on how to check the Maybank TREATS point.