Update BSN Mobile Phone Number

In the event that you have a new mobile number and you want to make changes to your banking personal info, you need to know how to update BSN mobile phone number. The phone number may seem unimportant, but it is actually crucial for your financial activities.

It’s the way the bank ‘contacts’ you. Whenever you do important financial activities, you need a special code which is sent to your phone. That’s why you should never underestimate the role and function of the phone number

Update BSN Mobile Phone Number

Updating Registered BSN Mobile Phone Number

BSN has informed their customers that any changes to customers’ registered phone number (with the bank) will take place only in BSN branches. They had previously provided mobile phone number update through their ATM, but this service, unfortunately, is not available anymore.

So, in case customers have changed their number, simply visit the nearest branch to update the information. But if you are still confused about the whole thing, just call the Contact BSN Center at 1300 88 1900

Update BSN Phone Number for TAC

Update BSN phone number for TAC in ATM.

  1. Go to any BSN ATM
  2. Select SMS / Internet Banking
  3. Choose SMS / Internet Banking Maintenance
  4. Select Change Phone Number
  5. Enter a new phone number

Customer Service BSN

There are several customer services that you can access to get the BSN service

  • For customer service, it would be 1300 88 1900
  • For any stolen or lost card in Malaysia, it would be 1300 88 1900
  • For any stolen or lost card while you are abroad, it would be 603 2613 1900
  • For Platinum members or cards, it would be 1800 22 0800
  • For any stolen or lost Platinum card while you are abroad, it would be 603 2688 0800

Accessing myBSN

If you want to learn about the bank without having to visit your nearest local branch, then myBSN would provide all the information you need. myBSN is basically the internet portal to learn everything about the bank. You can learn about the corporate info along with their services and products. The portal also provides many internet banking services that will make your financial activities easier and more effective.

Through myBSN, you are virtually able to do things, such as checking your balance, dealing with money transfer (including receiving and sending), accessing your bill payment or credit card payment, and so much more.

If you want to open an account, you won’t be able to do it online. You still need to go to the nearest branch to open an account. But if you want to access your personal account, you can do it online. See the difference?

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Am I required to open and have a new account to get access to the internet banking?

No. Feel free to use the already existing account and also the ATM card number

Will I be able to open an account with online method?

For now, no.

When are the services available?

From the moment you register myBSN account online successfully.

Can I use the service even if I don’t have any BSN account?

Unfortunately, no. If you want to access banking service with myBSN, you need to have at least a Savings Account, with ATM PIN and ATM card, and then register with myBSN.