How to Transfer Money from RHB to Maybank

In RHB bank, money transfer to another local bank account is also called an Interbank GIRO. It is a bank service for transferring money and other payments to other account numbers in different banks. You can transfer money or even pay your loan to other financial companies that accept the payment.

If you wish to conduct funds transfer to another bank, such as Maybank, you can either use the RHB internet banking platform, mobile banking app, or ATM station. The following discussions will guide you on how to transfer money from RHB to Maybank.

How to Transfer Money from RHB to Maybank

Transfer Money from RHB to Maybank via Internet Banking

If you haven’t enjoyed the flexibility of managing your finances, it is best to register for the RHB internet banking service.

This way, you can conduct money transfers without having to leave to the comfort of your quilt.

  1. Go to the RHB internet banking platform and log into your account.
  2. Click on the Fund Transfer option and select one of the Fund Transfer services below:
  • Transfer to your account
  • Transfer to another RHB account
  • Transfer to another bank account
  • Transfer money via PayPal
  • Instant transfer
  • Payment order
  • Western union
  • Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT)
  1. Since you want to transfer funds to Maybank, select Transfer to another bank account and click on Maybank
  2. Enter the required details of the transaction and verify your transfer details. These include the account number, the account holder’s name, bank code, bank branch, and the amount you wish to transfer.
  3. To make a one-time transaction or add a new recipient account, you will need to key in the One-time password sent to your registered mobile phone number and authenticate the passcode before your request is processed.
  4. You will obtain a reference number along with a summary of your money transfer after your transaction is successful. For your records, consider printing the online receipt or copy the reference number.

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Transfer Money from RHB to Maybank Using ATM

For your information, finding the nearest RHB ATM station is another easy way out when you wish to transfer money to another bank account.

Here is how to transfer money from RHB to Maybank through ATM terminal:

  1. Insert your RHB ATM card.
  2. Next, select the language you prefer and key in your card PIN.
  3. Select the Transfer menu and click on Transfer to other bank account
  4. Choose the bank you would like to transfer to. If you want to send to a Maybank account, then opt for Maybank.
  5. Key in the account number of the recipient.
  6. Press Yes if the name of the account holder is aligned with the recipient’s name you want to transfer to.
  7. Press Yes if the details of the fund transfer are correct.
  8. Enter the amount of money you would like to send.
  9. Press Yes and retrieve your ATM card from the machine. Your money transfer will be processed in a matter of time.

Transfer Money from RHB to Maybank via Mobile Banking

  1. Launch the RHB Now Mobile Banking app.
  2. Login to RHB Now Mobile Banking app.
  3. Select Fund Transfer DuitNow > select Open Transfer.
  4. Select from Account, enter DuitNow ID, Amount to be transferred, Recipient Reference and other payment details and click Preview.
  5. Verify the Recipient’s Name, enter your One-Time Password (OTP) and click Submit.
  6. The status of your DuitNow Transfer will be displayed.