How to Renew AEON Member Card

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AEON is one of the largest retailers in Asia and has presence in multiple countries including Malaysia. The company has introduced various prepaid cards, including AEON member card. This card is obtained when you get membership at AEON, which allows you to earn point and rebates when shopping at their stores.

The member card has expiry date, so this article will show you how to renew AEON member card in step-by-step guide.

How to Renew AEON Member Card

How to Renew AEON Member Card

Customers can sign up and renew their AEON member cards at the counter of AEON stores by completing application or renewal form. The registration comes with one year membership with RM12.00 fee, while the renewal comes with an option of two years or three years membership with RM 24.00 or RM36.00 accordingly.

Here are the steps on how to renew AEON member card:How to Renew AEON Member Card Online via Customer Service

  1. Visit the customer service desk at the supermarket or department store of AEON.
  2. Complete the renewal form for either two years or three years membership.
  3. Pay the membership fee of RM24.00 or 36.00.
  4. Enjoy the privileged shopping, special discounts, or exclusive promotion at AEON stores.

You may obtain the special privileges simply by showing the member card when shopping at AEON. The complete information of events and promotions held by AEON stores is available in their official website.

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AEON Member Benefit

Here are some of the examples of offered benefits at AEON stores:

  • Rebates: Earn 3% to 5% of rebates each time you shop at AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS). Each six months (January to June or July to December), you can convert your rebates to gift vouchers of AEON. Every RM 10.00 rebate can be redeemed with one AEON gift voucher worth of RM 10.00.
  • Points: Simply show your AEON member card during payment. For each Ringgit that you’ve spent at AEON stores, you are entitled to gain one point to be redeemed with gifts later.
  • Special prices: Enjoy saving your money by getting to purchase items at AEON stores with special prices.
  • Exclusive rewards on your birthday: Celebrate your special day by getting exclusive rewards at AEON stores.
  • Exclusive promotions and invites: Get notified via SMS or mailers about AEON promotions and special invites to member privilege day, member day, member fiesta, and many more.
  • Special discounts from AEON merchants: Enjoy the benefit of getting exclusive discounts from AEON merchants throughout Malaysia.
  • Special rate of parking: Enjoy the benefit of free parkin for the initial two hours when you visit certain AEON malls.

You may check the expiry date of your AEON member card at the right side of the physical card. It is the same as the date and month that you’re sign up for the membership at AEON.

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Currently, AEON does not accommodate membership renewal via online, so the customers are encouraged to visit the AEON stores counters. By visiting the stores’ counters in person, you can immediately collect the member card and you can choose the card’s design on your own. All of the AEON members are able to renew their membership card at any store of AEON.