Reactivate BSN Account

Why would you need to reactivate BSN account? First of all, when you have to reactivate an account, it means that you have been dormant or inactive.

What does it mean? There hasn’t been any activity to your account within 12 months (a year) consecutively. The bank would consider you as Dormant Account.

Moreover, reactivating an account can also relate to Unclaimed Moneys. When you are inactive, the money kept in the account won’t be accessible by anyone.

Reactivate BSN Account

What Happens to an Inactive Account?

The bank will still charge you RM10 as the service fee (annually). It will be deducted and imposed from your account. The fee will be continuously deducted from your account as long as the account remains Dormant.

If the money is less than RM10, the remaining amount will be deducted for the service fee. And your account will be closed.

What Is Unclaimed Moneys

If you haven’t used an account for 7 years and yet there is still enough money left (even after 7 years), then it would be categorized as Unclaimed Moneys. What happens to the account?

  • First of all, the bank will close the account
  • The bank will then transfer the money to Registrar of Unclaimed Money. This action goes along with the regulation, under 1965 Unclaimed Moneys Act and the amendment.
  • If there is any claim to the fund, the claim should be directed to Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys
  • The bank will provide notice before the transfer, letting the customer know about the transfer
  • The bank still has the obligation to inform their customers concerning their options – whether they want to reactivate the account or to close it altogether.

Reactivating the (Inactive) Account

You only need to make a cash withdrawal or a cash deposit at one of the branches. But you need to do this directly, not through the online system or through any app.

You will have to do it by yourself because the bank will need to verify your identity. This is the activity that you can’t delegate to other people.

How much do you have to spend to reactivate your account? Nothing. There won’t be any charge for reactivating the (dormant) account.

On the safer part, make sure that you bring the documentation you use when you open the account, in case the bank needs to verify your identity and they may need some copies.

For more details, please call BSN Contact Centre at 1-300-88-1900

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Closing an Account

What if you want to close an account? In general, here are the things you need to go through:

  • Go to the nearest branch and comply with the bank’s regulation and policy
  • The bank has the right to charge you a closing fee. In general, you may have to spend RM20 to close the account. There are specific types of the account along with the length of time of the opening.
  • The bank has the right to close any account if they suspect it being involved in suspicious activities or if they blacklist it

Whether you want to open, reactivate, or even close an account, make sure that you go to the nearest branch and have a go with it.