How to Pay Water Bill SAJ Johor Online

Water bill is one of those utility bills that we need to pay monthly. If you are living in Johor, the water resources for your house will be supplied by Ranhill SAJ Berhad.

This subsidiary of Ranhill Utilities Berhad acts as a fully private-owned water supplier for Johor area. Since you are living there, the bill payment should be addressed to them. Wondering how to pay water bill SAJ Johor online? Just read this article below.

How to Pay Water Bill SAJ Johor Online

Paying Your House Water Bill Online is Now Made Easier

You may think only e-commerce that involves online payment to its system. In fact, it seems like many services now going online for its payment, such as water and electricity.

Although it means you are going out less and staying home more often, you don’t have to worry about subtle things like transportation cost. With online method, your payment is just away by some clicks.

mySAJ App and Website to Pay Your Water Bill

If you are a Johor resident, it is nothing foreign when you hear Ranhill SAJ Johor. However, things may be different if you say mySAJ app or mySAJ website. These are the online methods as the answer to how to pay water bill SAJ Johor online.

Both methods are similar in use, but you need to use the different gadget to access it. While the website is accessible through mobile and desktop, it’s best to use the app.

Paying Your Water Bill SAJ Johor Online

First of all, you need to make sure you have registered your bank account to internet banking because when you are paying the bill, you will be redirected to internet banking portal page.

  1. Prepare your mobile phone with a decent internet connection, or a PC with internet connection. Launch the app (mobile) or go to SAJ Johor e-Billing page: which is
  2. Register for online payment first.How to Pay SAJ Water Online
  1. Complete the registration form. This will include keying in your IC number, billing number, name, phone number, as well as your email. Make sure you enter the valid email address because they will send you the monthly bill through your email. Submit the form after finishing it.How to Pay SAJ Water Online Payment
  2. You will get an email mentioning you to register again. Do as prompted  complete the registration process. How to Pay SAJ Water Payment Online
  3. Now you can login using your username and password.How to Pay SAJ Water using Online Payment
  4. Once you logged in, you will see the information about your account information. To view the current bill, tap/click on Bill Information.How to Pay SAJ Water using Online
  5. You will be redirected to your billing page. Choose Pay Bills and on the pop-up menu you can see your amount to pay. Tap/click on Pay Bill.How to Pay SAJ Water using Online Pay
  6. On FPX page, select your bank and select Proceed/Submit.How to Payment SAJ Water using Online
  7. Now the rest is to finish the payment process on your internet/mobile banking. Simply log in using your internet banking user ID and password, then confirm the payment.

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Pay Water Bill SAJ Johor Using mySAJ App

  1. Download and Install MySAJ (Ranhil SAJ) at Playstore or App StorePay Bill SAJ Water
  2. Open the MySAJ (Ranhil SAJ) App on your phone
  3. Click Non-Registered AccountPay Bill SAJ Water Johor
  4. Input your Account Number or Search Account Number Water Bill
  5. Click SearchPay Bill Water
  6. For Information About Current Bill, Click Current Bill InformationPay Bill Water SAJ
  7. Before You Pay the Bill, You Must Input your EmailPay Bill Water SAJ Payment
  8. After You Input the Email, Click Pay Bill and Confirm Email to YesPay Bill Water SAJ Payment Online
  9. Input the Amount to Pay Bill your Transaction and Click Pay BillPay Bill Water Johor SAJ
  10. Choose your Payment Banking, Choose Bank ListPay Bill Water Johor SAJ Online
  11. Click Proceed to complete the registration process.

These steps of how to pay water bill SAJ Johor online is so easy, right? Now, you don’t have to apply makeup or dress well just to pay your water bill!