How to Pay RHB Car Loan via Maybank2u

Are you taking a car loan from RHB bank and wondering whether it is able or not to pay the loan using Maybank saving account? You can definitely pay the car loan directly using your Maybank account.

Moreover, paying it via Maybank internet banking (Maybank2u) service is also available. The good thing is it does not require much time, and your payment will be all set!

To find out how to pay RHB car loan via Maybank2u, continue reading the article below.

How to Pay RHB Car Loan via Maybank2u

RHB Car Loan: Can It be Paid with Maybank Saving Account?

Taking a car loan is no longer a foreign thing to do in our daily lives. Instead, it seems like the majority of people taking the loan to get their car. After all, this loan enables people to own the car they have been dreaming of.

Not to forget, by taking it, there must be some parties which will be helped to bigger their business – given that a car will help them to improve their service to a better way.

However, if you are taking the loan, you should not forget there is additional responsibility that you must pay: the car loan itself, plus its interest rate.

You can take the loan from any financing institutions, even taking it from a bank that’s different with the bank where you are saving your money. For example, you can still take a loan from RHB when you have a main saving account in Maybank.

It is good for us to know that RHB car loan is payable via Maybank saving account. There are basically three methods of paying off the car loan. However, if you refer to pay it via Maybank2u, you can do it way easier than going to the nearest branch or ATM.

How to Pay RHB Car Loan Using Maybank2u

Maybank2u is basically the internet banking self-service offered by Maybank. As mentioned before, to pay the car loan, you can do it by following this procedure:

  1. Log in Mayban2ku using your User ID and Password.
  2. Select Transfer Pay RHB Car Loan Using Maybank2u
  3. Transfer From: Savings Account-i
  4. Transfer to: Other Accounts
  5. New Transfer: RHB Bank
  6. Account Number: Input account number
  7. Recipient’s Name: RHB Bank
  8. Transaction Type: Hire Purchase
  9. Transfer Mode: Instant Transfer
  10. Transfer Amount: 1350
  11. Recipient’s Reference: Contract Code example ST2612345
  12. Click Transfer
  13. Click Request TAC, input TAC Code.
  14. Click Confirm.
  15. Save Receipt
  16. Done

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The procedure of how to pay RHB car loan via Maybank2u can also be done through laptop. Although the interface and menu is slightly different, the basic remains the same.

If you want to pay the car loan through your Maybank account, all you need is to use the transfer feature. Don’t forget to set the transaction type as ‘Hire Purchase’, and then enter the valid loan number.