How to Pay Prudential Insurance via Maybank2u

This time, we will discuss about how to pay Prudential insurance via Maybank2u. If you have the insurance and the account for Maybank2u, this is the method you can follow.

These steps will help you to figure out the exact thing to do when you want to pay for the insurance bill. Check the further information below.

How to Pay Prudential Insurance via Maybank2u

Pay Prudential Insurance via Maybank2u

  1. Visit the Malayan Banking BHD (Maybank) website at
  2. Now, click on the button Login. After that, type in the password and username.
  3. On the main menu, click on the option that says Online Bill Payment. Then, you need to click on Bill Registration. This is for first time user.
  4. The next step is to choose the corporate. Click Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd then all you need to do is click Next.
  5. You will be asked to type the policy number. Type the numbers under the box that says Bill Account No.
  6. Next, you are going to type in policy holder’s name. Type the number under the box that says Bill Account Holder Name
  7. Now, choose the button that says Register.
  8. The bank will send the TAC code.
  9. Now back to Main Menu of the online banking and click on Registered Payment.
  10. You need to select the corporate name with the one that says Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd.
  11. After clicking next, select the option Online Bill Payment.
  12. You will be asked to type your Account number. Do this and then followed by entering your amount of money to pay.
  13. A review of payment will appear on the screen. Take a look at it and then click Accept to finish the transaction

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Step by Step Pay Prudential Insurance via Maybank2u

  1. Log in to M2U, select PAY & TRANSFER followed by PAY.
  2. Select Payee and click on New Payment. Select the right entity from the drop down list.
  3. Pay From: Basic Saving Account
  4. Pay To: Payee Prudential Assurance.
  5. Input your payment Amount, your policy number, policyholder’s name and click Pay.
  6. Done.

Other Alternative for Prudential Insurance Payments

E-banking service from other banks

Besides Maybank, you can also pay the Prudential insurance bill by using the e-banking from other banks, including the one from Public Bank Bhd, UOB Bank Bhd, RHB bank Bhd and many more. Just make sure you have the account and the e-banking activated on your account.

Maybank office branch

If you are not familiar with the online system, you can also come to the closest Maybank branch in your area, and ask for the payment to be done.

Usually, you will be asked to bring your ID and the insurance policy paperwork. Prepare them beforehand, and use the help of customer service to complete the payment.

Maybank ATM

You may also ask about the other payment channels to pay the Prudential insurance. In this case, you can use ATM. Maybank ATM is eligible to pay for the insurance. You can also pay the insurance by mail or by over the counter service like the one from BSN. Use the Easi-Express Service if you use OCBC.

With the help of e-banking like Maybank2u, surely paying insurance is made easy. Follow those steps on how to pay Prudential insurance via Maybank2u to make sure you will find no hardship in paying all bills.