How to Pay Hong Leong Credit Card

Being one of the major banking companies in Malaysia, Hong Leong Bank offers extensive offers of credit card types. These include the Classic Mastercard and Visa to premium HLB VIP credit cards, and partnership-based credit card such as KL premier malls or Golden Screen Cinemas.

As wide as the range of credit card types, so does the options of the payment. Hong Leong Bank provides credit card payment methods via several channels, including digital banking and self-service centers. These methods are available to make the process convenient and practical for the HLB Bank credit card users.

To add even more convenience, the bank also allows you to arrange scheduled credit card payment. Getting used to make bill payment every month is a process that may take time, so you may prevent yourself from making late payment by arranging automatic payments before the due date.

How to Pay Hong Leong Credit Card

How to Pay Hong Leong Credit Card via Internet Banking

Below are the steps on how to pay Hong Leong credit card with automatic monthly installment via HLB Connect online banking:

  1. Open the official website of HLB Connect online banking.
  2. Log into your online banking account using your HLB Connect Username and Password.
  3. Select the menu Apply.
  4. Open the Credit Card Services menu and then choose Flexi Payment Plan.
  5. Choose your selected credit card.
  6. Input the payment amount and your email address.
  7. Verify your loan payment details and then input the sent TAC code.


  1. Log in to Connect Online Banking.
  2. Select Pay & Transact, select Pay Bill under Bill Payment.
  3. Select your biller from the JomPAY list, select by Category or from your list of Favourite billers.
  4. Follow the instructions to proceed. If you have selected from Favourite, you will only need to enter amount.

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How to Pay Hong Leong Credit Card via Mobile Banking

Below are the steps on how to pay Hong Leong credit card with automatic monthly installment via HLB Connect mobile banking app:

  1. Open your HLB Connect mobile banking application.
  2. Select the menu Apply and then choose Flexi Payment Plan.
  3. Choose your selected credit card and input the interest rate.
  4. Input the payment amount and set the amount to pay monthly.

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HLB credit card can be an extremely useful financial tool if it is used responsibly. By using responsibly, it means that you are committed to make on-time, consistent payment in order to increase your credit rating.

Some credit card types even have special offers such as zero interest rate or purchases rewards of you can keep your balance properly. However, if the credit spending is out of control, interest rate and monthly payment might become a problem.

You may avoid paying credit card accumulated interest by making full balance payment. It is necessary to resist the temptation of expending money more than you are able to pay for each month.

This will allow you to enjoy the full benefit of credit card usage without being charged of interest.

Even if all you are able to afford is minimum payment, you need to make the bill payment each month. Missing one payment may result in interest rate penalty, late fee, or even injured credit score.

The guide on automatic HLB credit card payment above is an easy way to ensure that you wouldn’t miss the payment. As long as the bill payment of credit card is made on time and in full amount, you don’t have to be worried about the high interest charge.