How to Pay CIMB Car Loan Via Maybank2u

If you are asking about how to pay CIMB car loan via Maybank2u, the full answer about that question can be found here. Mobile and online banking is such a massive thing these days.

They are ready to help people paying the bills and making transactions so easily. If you use Maybank, you can use its internet banking application.

This is the method that you can do the transaction. This is the method for you to see how easy it is to pay the CIMB car loan using the internet banking service of Maybank.

The steps and the link are available below. Use them to guide you in paying the bill. All you need to do is reading the information below.

How to Pay CIMB Car Loan Via Maybank2u

Pay CIMB Car Loan Via Maybank2u

  1. Go to the internet banking website of Maybank (
  2. On the Login box, enter the User ID and then click Next.
  3. Then, enter your Password/PIN.
  4. Once you are in your account, select the menu Accounting and Banking.
  5. Now, click the Bill Payment
  6. There will be a few more options given to you on the screen, select the option that says Make a one-off payment.
  7. Select the option Maybank Loan & Hire Purchase from the list.
  8. Then, select the option that says Maybank Hire Purchase.
  9. You will see your account displayed on the screen, select Continue to confirm that this is the account you want to use to pay the car loan.
  10. Now, you will have to enter the detail of the car loan. Ket in the bill number or the vehicle detail. Do not use space in keying in the numbers. Click OK or continue to enter the next step.
  11. Follow the confirmation on the screen and press Ok to finally pay for the loan.

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Pay CIMB Car Loan Via Maybank2u App

  1. Log in Mayban2ku using your User ID and Password.
  2. Select Transfer
  3. Transfer From: Savings Account-i
  4. Transfer to: Other Accounts
  5. New Transfer: CIMB Bank
  6. Account Number: Input account number
  7. Recipient’s Name: CIMB Bank
  8. Transaction Type: Hire Purchase
  9. Transfer Mode: Instant Transfer
  10. Transfer Amount: Example: 1500
  11. Recipient’s Reference: Contract Code example ST2654321
  12. Click Transfer
  13. Click Request TAC, input TAC Code.
  14. Click Confirm.
  15. Save Receipt
  16. Done

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The CIMB Car Loan Customer Service and Contact

How is about the customer service call to ask about the loan? Well, you can always call customer service officer of Maybank via telephone.

All you need to do is dialing 1-300 88 6688 and ask to speak to a customer service officer for an inquiry about your car loan bill. The line is open for 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you are calling from overseas (outside Malaysia), the number to call is +603-7844 3696.

In addition, you can also pay the car loan at the branch. However, if you like to do so, make sure you make an appointment first so that the customer service at the branch can prepare your paperwork.

To make the appointment, all you need to do is opening the official website of Maybank Malaysia and then click on the “Contact Us” page and there will be link for you to open a form and make an appointment. The link is:

That is how you can find out the answer to how to pay CIMB car loan via Mayban2u. It is so easy apparently, and you should do it right now.