How to Pay AEON Credit Card via JomPAY

AEON Credit Service has been one of the best-performing non-banking financial institutions in Malaysia. This institution was first incorporated in December 1996 and later was transformed into a public limited company in February 2007. In December 2007, this financial company was listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

The company is operating mainly in hire purchase credit facilities for motor vehicles and consumer goods, consumer financing, issuance of credit cards, and personal financing. If you use an AEON credit card, the company offers a number of hassle-free payment methods.

Customers can make payments through AEON service center, cash deposit machine, over the counter, cheque deposit terminal, ATM transfer, interbank GIRO, internet banking, or even via JomPAY. The latter is a national bill payment launched by Bank Negara Malaysia and managed by Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation to encourage and promote the usage of invoice payments and online bills.

How to Pay AEON Credit Card via JomPAY

How to Pay AEON Credit Card via JomPAY

Therefore, how to pay AEON credit card via JomPAY? Here are the simple steps to make AEON credit payments via JomPAY:

  1. In case you are wondering, there is no registration required in order to use JomPAY. However, to make a payment, you must have an AEON internet banking account.
  2. On your credit bills or invoices, look for the JomPAY logo and find the Biller Code as well as the Ref-1.How to Pay AEON Credit Card via JomPAY
  • Biller Code: It is a set of unique numbers used to identify the user as a JomPAY biller. As a client of AEON credit service, you simply need to enter the AEON Biller Code to make the payment. AEON has no obligation to reveal their account number to you to make a credit card payment through JomPAY.
  • Ref-1: It is a set of unique numbers that are assigned by the financial company to each of their customers as a customer identifier. If you are an AEON customer, the Ref-1 is printed on your credit bills. You will need to enter Ref-1 into your transaction when you make payment. For the financial company, this Ref-1 helps them to attribute credit payments to the correct customer. Customer numbers, student numbers, or invoice numbers are examples of this Ref-1.
  1. Log into your internet banking account using your username and password.
  2. Click on Pay and Transfer and select the Pay option.
  3. Click on Pay bills and select JomPAY.
  4. Enter the details of the payment, such as your credit card number, contact number (Ref-1), and amount of payment. Make sure you enter the correct details and click on Confirm to make your credit payment.

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Pay Bill AEON Credit Card Using Maybank2u

  1. Login to your Maybank2U account.
  2. After sign-in, select Bill Payment under Quick Link then click Go.
  3. Select Make a one-off payment.
  4. Select All Payees, click Continue.
  5. Select AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd on payee list, click Continue.
  6. Key-in your Agreement / Credit Card number.
  7. Select payment effective schedule Today.
  8. Request TAC to request for TAC number which will send via SMS.
  9. Key-in TAC number sent via SMS. Then, click Confirm.

Pay Bill AEON Credit Card Using CIMB

  1. Login to your CIMB Bank account.
  2. Select Pay Bill.
  3. Select your savings account at Payment from option.
  4. Select your AEON payment type at Payment to option.
  5. Key-in your Agreement / Credit Card number.
  6. Key-in your Contact Number in Reference 1.
  7. Key-in Amount of payment.
  8. Click Submit
  9. Click Confirm to make your payment.
  10. Click Print to print your receipt.

Now, you know how to pay AEON credit card via JomPAY, but what are actually the benefits of using this method to pay AEON credit bills? Here is why: JomPAY is a time and money-saving solutions that will help you optimize the cash flow and simplify the process of incoming payment.

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With this service, you will no longer need to spend a lot of time just to track down your AEON credit bills. You can also pay any of AEON bills through the internet banking service offered by AEON. It is a safe and convenient credit payment solution.