How to Open OCBC Account

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These days, what can you do without bank account? it’s not easy to perform daily activities without one; given that we can save money, pay bills, transfer fund, to even get a debit and credit card with a bank account. Not to forget, we can get annual interest if we keep our money in that bank. All being said, there are still people who don’t want to deal with bank and it’s totally normal.

Besides getting the benefits aforementioned, getting a bank account means you may have a chance to be granted mortgage loan, car financing, or business financing given your bank account shows that you are capable to pay off the loan. In the end, it will benefit you although you’ll still need to pay for the fees and charges that the bank incurs.

You must have come here since you want to know how to open OCBC account and for that, you’ve come to the right page. Everything will seem easy if we know the procedure clearly, so that is why we’re here to guide you to make your account. Be it your first or the umpteenth account, we hope you make the account as seamless as possible.

How to Open OCBC Account

How to Open OCBC Account via Bank Branch

Most people rely on bank’s representative to deal with their banking inquiries and/or problems. That counts as well in terms of opening a bank account. Although for it you will have to get up from your bed, wash yourself, go to the nearest branch and stand in a queue, the result will be satisfactory enough: you have your account ready for you. Plus, you’ll only need to follow their guidance.

Before making your account, make sure you are eligible to open your account. You need to be at least 18 years old and you have to own your IC card as well. Also, learning various kinds of OCBC bank account beforehand since every saving account has its own rule about minimum deposit.


  1. You are 18 years old and above.
  2. You are a Malaysian citizen that does not hold a Permanent Resident status abroad.
  3. You are a tax-paying resident of Malaysia only.
  4. You are opening this account for yourself (single name account).
  5. You are aware that Fixed Deposit Account is a conventional product, and the initial opening amount is RM5,000 for 1 month placement and RM1,000 for 2 – 60 months placement
  6. If you are an existing OCBC customer, kindly ensure that your mobile number is up to date before applying for the account online. You can update your mobile number via Internet Banking, by calling our Customer Service or by visiting any OCBC Branch.


  1. MyKad
  2. Any of the below (if MyKad address differs from your residential address):
    1. Utility Bills (e.g. electricity, water, phone or Astro)
    2. EPF statement
    3. Driving License
    4. Bank Statement

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How to Open OCBC Account via Online

With such diverse use of internet, now your question of how to open OCBC account can be answered by performing online application. It simply means that you can apply for a new account online yourself, hence you don’t need to go to the bank at the moment you input your personal details.

It’s quite time-saving, but you’ll still need to go to any nearest branch to activate your account.

  1. First, get your gadget to connect to the internet.
  2. Simply access from your gadget.How to Open OCBC Account via Online Banking
  3. There you will learn various types of saving account that the bank provides.
  4. Choose one that corresponds with your needs.How to Open OCBC Account via Internet Banking
  5. Then, click Apply Now. You’ll be redirected to an online registration form.
  6. Fill in your personal, employment, contact, additional details; then get the required documents for upload.How to Open OCBC Account via Internet Banking Portal
  7. Confirm your details when you’re finished and have performed checking.
  8. Once you submit your details, you will get a unique ID.How to Open OCBC Account via Online Banking Portal
  9. Take a screenshot for that (or photo), and keep it for verification process that you need to do when visiting the bank branch.How to Open OCBC Account using Online Banking

You will also get an SMS within 2 working days that contains your application status. Visit any nearest branch to verify your application and you’re done there! Remember, you will need to deposit some money upon your visit to the bank.