How to Open AgroBank Account

Bank account is not something uncommon for people to have. In fact, almost everyone in their legal age already has a bank account. Not only a saving account, they can even make a deposit account, which is, literally, one step ahead.

Aside from that, getting a back account will help you to save your money in a more secure place. Not to forget that you will be able to transact using fund transfer feature as well as paying scheduled bills.

As a Malaysian, you probably have known about AgroBank. This bank can be included as one of those biggest banks in the country. This bank, which is government-owned and is under the purview of Ministry of Finance, may be focusing more in agriculture sector.

But they offer savings account as one of their products. That being said, it means you can save your money there after opening an account there.

Wondering how to open AgroBank account? There are basically two account opening methods that you can choose to do.

How to Open AgroBank Account

How to Open AgroBank Account via Branch

If you have many things to ask regarding AgroBank’s savings account, then it’d be better if you directly visit the nearest branch while opening your own AgroBank account.

By doing so, you will be able to know directly about the bank’s services directly from the representative. Opening an account will also be easier since you’ll only have to follow a certain instruction the representative told you.

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How to Open AgroBank Account Online

Another method of how to open AgroBank account is by filling out online account opening (OAO) form. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Make sure your computer/phone is connected to the internet.
  2. Launch your browser, then copy this address and visit the page. How to Open AgroBank Account via Internet Banking
  3. There, you will see glimpse information about online account opening. Read it first before applying for an account later.
  4. Once you scroll down, there will be a button Apply now. Click on the button to redirect you to the online account opening form. How to Open AgroBank Account via Internet Banking Online
  5. Fill out the form using the right information about yourself. It’s best to prepare your MYKAD or MYTENTERA card since these two are acceptable cards in order to open your account online.
  6. Submit your personal data, and later follow the further instruction as shown on the screen.How to Open AgroBank Account using Internet Banking Online

Opening an account means you have to comply with their set of rules. One of those rules is the eligibility to open an account at the bank. According to the official website of AgroBank, people who fit these requirements will be able to open an AgroBank account:

  • The account owner has to be Malaysian aged 18 or above. This will be proven by providing MYKAD/MYTENTERA card information.
  • The account owner has to have an email address and a mobile phone number which both can be contacted.

Aside from that, you’ll also need to know how much you should save as initial deposit. For savings account (Agro Perdana-i/QARD), the minimum deposit is RM 100, while for term deposit (Agro PrimaS), the minimum deposit is RM 500.

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Once you do any of the aforementioned methods of how to open AgroBank account, you will then be prompted to pay an initial deposit. Then, after finishing the procedure, later an SMS notification will be sent to you and you will need to activate your account in the nearest AgroBank branch within 7 days. For further inquiries kindly refer to Agrobank Contact Centre 1300882476 (AGRO).