How to Transfer Money Using Maybank2u Mobile

Mobile banking is a feature offered by bank in order to ease your banking activities. With this in hand, you don’t have to visit a branch to change some of your account settings, and you don’t need to find a way to the nearest ATM to transfer some money.

Maybank as the one of the largest banks in Malaysia also offers mobile banking as well, which is called as Maybank2u. In this article, we are going to show you how to transfer money using Maybank2u mobile.

How to Transfer Money Using Maybank2u Mobile

A Glimpse about Maybank

If you are a Malaysian, then you must have heard about this bank with yellow as its main color. Yes, Maybank is a prominent bank with millions of customers saving their money in it. The ‘lion’ even roars louder, resulting in it reaching several countries nearby, such as Indonesia and Singapore. So, you can find Maybank in these countries as well.

As mentioned earlier, mobile banking will enable you to experience easy banking service directly on your phone. This also features transferring funds from Maybank to any account. In Maybank itself, the mobile banking app is called as Maybank2u mobile.

Even though it is relatively easy to transfer funds, you may find yourself still confused when doing a money transfer from Maybank2u mobile. Hence, you can find out below how to transfer money using Maybank2u mobile.

Transfer Money Using Maybank2u Mobile

In order to use Maybank2u Mobile to transfer money, then the procedure is as follows:

  1. Log in to your Maybank2u mobile banking app
  2. Then, select Mobile then choose Transfer via Mobile Number.
  3. Choose an Account that you wish to take the funds from.
  4. Choose the Payee. For this step, you are required to pick one Recipient from your phone number contact list. You can also input the payee’s mobile number and name.
  5. Input the Amount that you want to transfer.
  6. If you want to input some payment details and reference, you can enter it in this step.
  7. Finalize your transfer process by confirming it.
  8. Then, you will be prompted to input your TAC (Transaction Authorization Code). Validate the transfer by inputting this code.
  9. Once the transfer is sent then collect the transfer proof.

Cardless ATM Withdrawal

Another method to transfer is through cardless ATM withdrawal. With this method, your recipient won’t need any ATM card to withdraw their money. The payee will only need to input the Withdrawal Code if they want to take the money.

To do this:

  1. Login to your Maybank2u mobile app. Choose Mobile and then Cardless ATM Withdrawal.
  2. Choose any account to transfer the funds from.
  3. Identify the recipient’s name.
  4. Pick any of the available amounts to transfer: RM 100, 200, or 300.
  5. Review and confirm the transaction. When prompted to enter your TAC, simply request and input it.
  6. Lastly, you will be given Withdrawal Code which your payee needs to retrieve the money from the ATM.

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Transfer Money Using Maybank2u DuitNow

  1. Login to your Maybank App
  2. Click on Transfer via DuitNow
  3. Select recipient’s number from your contact list
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Confirm

So, that sums up the step-by-step procedure of how to transfer money using Maybank2u mobile. With just touches away to complete the transfer, you will find Maybank2u mobile very beneficial, especially if you are someone who deals with transfers frequently.