How to Check Maybank Credit Card Point

You probably want to know how to check Maybank credit card point if you are one of their credit card holders. Just like other banks, credit card holders are given tons of perks and benefits.

One of them is the existence of credit card point for every transaction that you have done. The idea is to encourage card holders to use their cards as often as possible.

Not only they can enjoy the easiness of paying things, but they can get the extra bonus.

Maybank Credit Card Point

Maybank Credit Card and the Points

The credit card service from Maybank has their own point program, known as Treats Points. As a loyalty program from the bank, the program is expected to provide extra benefits for the card holders. Of course, there are certain terms and conditions that are applied to the usage of the card.

Here are some of the terms and conditions.

  • All MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards issued by Maybank and Maybank Islamic (excluding Corporate Cardmembers).
  • All Prepaid Cards issued by Maybank.
  • All Maybank Visa and MasterCard Platinum Debit Cards, Visa Debit Cards issued by Maybank.
  • All American Express® Credit and Charge Cards issued by Maybank and Maybank Islamic (excluding Corporate Cardmembers).

Finding out the Treats Points Number

If you are wondering about how many points you have earned, no need to worry. There are several ways to manage it. There are different means that you can access:

  • Through your billing statement. The points should be stated within your (credit card) billing statement
  • Through Customer Care. Contact them at 1300886688 and you can get the information
  • Through M2U account.

If you choose to log into your M2U account, here are the ways to do it:

  1. Log into your account –
  2. Select My Accounts
  3. Select Cards
  4. Scroll down. Pick Rewards
  5. The information should be displayed right there on the screen

For checking balance, you can read this article how to check Maybank credit card balance

Redeeming the Treats Points

You need to visit the bank’s official website to learn the details of the process. But in general, there are two ways to manage it this is especially applicable if you are familiar with the system and already know what offered in the program.

There are 3 ways to redeem the Points:

  • Through Customer Care. Contact them at 1300 88 6688
  • Through email. Reach them at with certain format. You can visit their official website for the complete information about the format.
  • Walk-in to our Maybank Card Centres in Menara Maybank / 1 Utama Shopping Centre / Suria KLCC / The Gardens Mall, OR

If you are still confused, you should contact them or go to the nearest branch.