Malaysia Bank Branch Locator

Aside from getting the help from search engine, what can you do to locate a bank branch? The easiest way to locate a bank branch is by visiting the bank’s official website and navigates your way to their built-in branch locator.

Malaysia Bank Branch Locator

What is a Branch Locator?

In case you wonder what Malaysia bank branch locator is, it is a kind of website widget that allows you to get the nearest location of your bank branch, complete with its exact address. Some even include the phone number and branch opening hours.

Now you might wonder, do all Malaysian banks have this branch locator? Well, many of them have this branch locator, simply because the widget will ease the customers to reach the nearest bank branch. Typically, this branch locator is included in the bank’s website hence everyone can access it as long as they have internet access.

Malaysia Bank Branch Locations

Here’s Malaysia Bank branch locations:

What You can Find in Malaysia Bank Branch Locator

Although Malaysia bank branch locator is accessible using either PC browser or mobile browser, it is easier if you use the former option due to its larger screen. Therefore, it will ease you in navigating and using various functions in the page.

Upon your visit, you will see:

  • Malaysia map (often zoomed out at first use)
  • Search by location box. In this box you can enter the area you are living in to ease your searching.
  • Search filter box. Some banks branch locator may have this but others may not. Just like its name, you can filter the search result. So, you may set the state to be Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, or simply Kuala Lumpur. Aside from that, you may also set it to be ATM locator, branch locator, or locator for other kinds of machine.

To use it, you can do as shown in this procedure below:

  1. First, access any of Malaysia Bank branch locator.
  2. Then, type your location (city name) in the Search by location box. You may also set the Area filter or Type filter to improve the search result.
  3. Now you can see the nearest branch, ATM, or any other banking machines near your area.
  4. Click on one result. On a typical setting, you will see a pop-up box mentioning the exact address of the branch, opening hours, as well as the phone number of each branch.
  5. If you are driving your way to the bank, some banks include Get direction option. Simply click on it and you will be redirected to Google Maps. Set your current position, and let the app to show you the way to the nearest branch.

Keep in mind some banks’ branch locator settings may be different. However in general, all locators have similar functions, so you should not worry about using the aforementioned procedure.