How to Check CCRIS Online

It is now possible to do a couple of things on how to check CCRIS online to get the CCRIS report. The idea of CCRIS is to provide standardized credit reports in a system that can be assessed by whoever in need of that.

Commonly it is needed by lenders before eventually approving any loan request of anyone. Put simply, it is the way to check anyone’s financial health state.

How to Check CCRIS Online

How to Check CCRIS Online

With the digitalization of today, it is easier than before to get this report over the web than through mail. To request this report online, initial registration will still be needed to be done in person at any branch of Bank Negara Malaysia on its Credit Bureau.

Other than that, it is also possible to pay a visit to any Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit branch for the registration to be made.

Identity verification is needed upon doing the registration by using MyKad and entering a valid phone number at the CCRIS kiosk. There will be a 6-digit PIN sent to the registered phone number.

That will be needed upon making the first login at along with MyKad number as well. Set the user ID and password and personal security image and phrase followed by 3 security questions.

That is about the registration on how to check CCRIS online. Once the registration is done, it is possible to request the report online.

Check CCRIS Online

  1. Logon to
  2. Enter User ID (as created by user), click Next.
  3. If the security image and phrase match the user’s chosen image and phrase, click Yes button to proceed to next step.
  4. Enter password and click Login button.
  5. Upon successful login, the eCCRIS homepage will be display.
  6. To retrieve the CCRIS report, click ENQUIRY tab, then click Self Inquiry – Individual.
  7. Indicate your acceptance to the Disclaimer statement, by checkingthe I Agree checkbox. Then,click the Report Enquiry button.
  8. While the report is being displayed on screen, click Download button.
  9. Click Open to view the report or click on Save button to save a copy of the report to your local storage.
  10. The downloaded report is saved in Portable Document Format (PDF) with a pre-assigned password as follows: Date of report enquiry (e.g. 30Oct2020, 10Feb2020), First 3-characters of your User ID(Azzam, Ahmad) – Examples: 30Jan2020Azz, 10Feb2020Ahm
  11. Once you enter the password, click the OK button to open the report. You will need a software which is capable of opening PDF files, to view the saved report.

Check CCRIS With SMS

To do so, just type in the BNM CCRIS e-mail address in the textbox and send it to 15888 in the form of SMS. The text will cost RM0.15 for sender and RM0.20 for the request.

Example: BNM CCRIS send to 15888

Once it is done, check the registered email especially the spam folder for the form to be printed out and completed as the report itself.

When the CCRIS Reports are updated?

Anything that is included in the so-called CCRIS is always updated to provide the most recent and accurate information. The update is done regularly on the 15th of every month.

This is important to know to help to get the best possible information included in the report. It is best to apply for a loan after the 15th every month to get the latest update of the CCRIS for assessment.

How to be removed from CCRIS Blacklist?

Being blacklisted by the BNM for a financial loan is not a good thing. The only way to clear anyone’s name out of the blacklist by BNM is to regulate any payment under that name.

Make sure to make the payment before the due date for at least 12 months. That is required because the CCRIS report has 12 months of information included.

What Makes CCRIS Different From CTOS?

The main point of difference between CCRIS and CTOS is the source of information. The information on CTOS is acquired from public sources. On the other hand, the information on CCRIS is acquired from financial institutions.

Nowadays, knowing the ways on how to check CCRIS online is important for quicker and easier access to the report.