How to Close HSBC Bank Account

Living in a fast-paced society might require you to have more than one banking account. One specifically meant to receive a monthly salary and the other is for future needs. However, having more than one account meaning you have a double monthly administration fee, and this often becomes a major reason for many people to close one of their bank accounts.

Should you happen to have an HSBC bank account and would like to close it due to certain reasons, HSBC offers three different methods to close your account: through an e-message, branch, or via telephone.

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How to Close HSBC Bank Account via E-message

E-message means you can close your HSBC account through the bank’s secure messaging facility. However, the following method can only be implemented by those who have HSBC online banking account and a secure key.

  1. Go to the HSBC online banking portal through your desktop browser or cell phone. Log into your account using your username as well as password.
  2. Once you obtained access to your account, click on the envelope icon located at the top corner of the page. Then, click on Secure Message.
  3. Select the Send a message option and click on General Enquiries.
  4. Afterward, select the account you would like to close.
  5. Specify the reason why you would like to close your bank account so that the officials are able to help you with this request.
  6. The HSBC staff may reach out to you to obtain further information regarding your request via the bank’s encrypted messaging facility or through the registered phone number given when the message was delivered.
  7. To know the update of your bank account closing request, consider checking your mail within two business days.
  8. Once your request is approved by the bank, HSBC will send you a statement that your bank account has been successfully closed.

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Another method on how to close HSBC bank account is by directly visiting any HSBC branch. The majority of HSBC bank accounts typically can be closed just overnight. Closures for certain accounts, however, may require seven business days or may more to complete the closure.

Since visiting the unit office makes you have to queue up, it would be best if you make an appointment in advance. While the attendant can identify you from the bank’s existing records, it would be much helpful if you bring your identification card so that the staff is able to verify you as an HSBC customer.

You are also advised to bring any of your HSBC cards, checkbooks, secure keys and passbook loans, so the bank can destroy them and assist you in protecting your essential information. If you still have money in your account, you need to transfer your funds to another account or withdraw it.

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If you unable to close your account over the counter or through internet banking, you can request for the closure of your account by contacting the customer center. The account will be completely closed in just overnight to seven business days depending on the type of your account.