How to Get CIMB Bank Statement

Do you know how to get CIMB bank statement? If you are an account holder at CIMB, you know that you can save the environment by using the eStatement.

Sure, you can go with the old-school and traditional printed bank statement, but don’t you only add the piles of useless papers at home? Not to mention that such way is basically risky because you printed document (which should be confidential) can be read by anyone, leading to security and safety breach.

You can arrange the eStatement to be delivered to your email or you can view it on your online account. However, if you pick the latter one, you will have to sign up for CIMB Clicks first. That’s the way to gain access to the online service.

How to Get CIMB Bank Statement

About CIMB Clicks

CIMB Clicks is the digital and online service to gain access to your account. It is quite helpful for your online banking activities as you won’t have to go to the ATM or the branch office to have them done.

The eStatement is available in pdf version. Once you log into the CIMB Clicks, you have the options to only view it, sent it to your email, or download it. This service is completely free you won’t have to pay a dime for it.

The eStatement can be used for:

  • Loan
  • Credit card
  • Current account or Foreign currency
  • Wealth management
  • EcoSave account
  • Savings or Current account
  • Fixed deposit
  • Foreign currency fixed deposit

The Benefits

The benefits of Clicks are:

  • Accessing and viewing My Accounts
  • Viewing and redeeming your rewards or bonus points
  • Transferring money – either locally or abroad
  • Paying cards, bills, or loans
  • Doing top-up
  • Investing your money
  • Performing QR Pay

Register CIMB Clicks

Make sure that you have these things ready:

  • Your credit or debit card number and PIN (6-digit)
  • Your Passport or Military or NRIC number

Here are the steps to register:

  1. Go to
  2. Another way is to use CIMB Clicks App
  3. Either way, choose Register User
  4. Provide your CIMB Credit or Debit Card number
  5. Type in your PIN number (the 6-digit)
  6. Type in the 6-digit code from SMS activation code. And then press Continue.
  7. You are already registered with Click!

Step by step how to register CIMB Clicks with pictures.

View CIMB Bank Statement Online

As long as you have registered to Clicks, viewing your eStatement would be a breeze:

  1. Log into CIMB Clicks
  2. Go with My Accounts
  3. Choose eStatement
  4. Pick View eStatement
  5. Choose the month
  6. The information is displayed on the screen
  7. If you want to download it, press the button for downloading it

View CIMB Bank Statement in Email

To be able to access eStatement, make sure that you sign up for eStatement service – provided that you have registered for Clicks at the beginning. Here are ways to do so:

  1. Log into CIMB Clicks
  2. Choose My Accounts
  3. Go with eStatement
  4. Choose the option Email Statement Delivery
  5. Type the email and the password
  6. There will be a page for Terms and Conditions. Accept it to activate the service
  7. You are done.

There is an option if you still want to get your printed statements by post, but it is only applicable for the credit card. To do it, email You can also fill out a special form, Statement of Account Delivery Instructions. Make sure that it is filled out completely, and then send it via a fax to +603 2381 7198.