How To Check Maybank Account Number

Go to Maybank official website to know how to check Maybank account number.

To see your account number, you can visit their website

  1. Login with your Username and Password
  2. Choose ‘View My Accounts and Transactions‘.Check Maybank Account Number online
  3. In this menu, you will see your account status, pay bills, and see your statement. You can also do online fund transfer.

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Another ways, you can retrieve your account number via M2U app or by printing the mini statement from the ATM.

How To Check Maybank Account Number

How Can I Check My Balance

Maybank has a Mobile Banking service. Now you can check the balance anywhere and anytime by keying a PIN. The service is provided in their mobile app. Maybank mobile banking app is secure and safe with a 6-digit PIN.

The service is called Quick Balance. It allows the customers to check their Maybank current account with the current savings, charge, and credit card balances and also the customers fixed deposit accounts with simple and easy steps without asking you to log into the website. The Quick Balance will make finance tracking more convenient than before. They also provide the customers with Quick Touch, you just need to log in with a fingerprint.

Maybank believes that banking should be convenient and simple. Thus, the features you will get for having mobile banking is the simple and quick access of an account with 6 digits PIN. It also gives you faster access. Thanks to the latest Quick Touch feature that brings fingerprint recognition. Though they have easy and simple access, do not worry about their security.

Maybank guarantees to give you a secure and safe way to access and monitor your current account with its charge or credit card balances, as well as your fixed deposit accounts. If you want to know how to check Maybank account number, try this app, and see your transaction history. Another feature is customizing the view of the preferred accounts.

What is an E-statement

E-statement is the soft copy or the online form of your banking statement of account.

If you have a Maybank account and want to see the statement, you can see it online through the Maybank2u, or via email and your statement will be sent directly to the registered email address.

What are the Benefits of E-statement

The benefit of having an E-statement is that you can access your E-statement easily, anywhere, anytime, on either from a mobile device or web. This way is also secure and convenient. Besides you can save and view the statement easily in soft copy using PDF format. The important one is that it is also free of charge. Here is another for how to check Maybank account number.

What is SMS Alerts

To secure your banking, Maybank also has an SMS alert service that will give the customers a greater assurance of banking.

To get you an SMS alert, register your phone number to the bank online. Every time a transaction is made, you will get an SMS that contains information including the type of transaction, the amount, the status, and also the date and time.

Each time you finish your banking activity like 3rd party funds transfer, 3rd party future funds transfer creation, and also interbank funds transfer.