How to Check HSBC Account Number

As we all know, account number in banking system is very crucial. It has a similar function as an email address, or residential address in which you can use the number to obtain a transferred fund. That said, you must provide the payer your bank account in order to make the transaction got delivered to the right account.

Each account owner has a different account number. Back then, the number was simply printed on the passbook so you could find your account number in that book anytime you need it. But these days, some banks do not offer passbook in order to keep all banking transactions as paperless as possible. Unfortunately, HSBC is one of the banks that go with the idea, too. Therefore, you may be confused where and how to check HSBC account number since there is no passbook on your hand.

If you have no passbooks, there are still various methods to follow, which will be mentioned as written in the explanation below.

How to Open HSBC Account

How to Check HSBC Account Number by Printing Statement

Bank statement does not serve as a document that shows your account number. It’s so much more than that. With this document, you can see the transaction list that you do with your account. Aside from that, many procedures take a bank statement as one of the requirements.

To print your bank statement, you will need to go to any nearest bank branch. Take a queue on the customer service counter, and once it’s your turn, mention that you need to print a bank statement. You will be required to bring along your card, ID card, and some cash since printing bank statement costs you several bucks.

Another way of how to check HSBC account number is by finding it through your e-Statement. This type of digitized bank statement is pretty simple and you will not be charged just to print it. But, you have to know the password to open the file before printing it.

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How to Check HSBC Account Number Online

With the diverse use of internet, you will find that even banking service can be done via internet. So, how to check HSBC account number via personal online banking?

  1. First, you need to make sure that you have already registered your account to online banking service.
  2. Then, log on to HSBC online banking service using your valid username and password.How to Check HSBC Account Number via Internet Banking Portal
  3. On your account page, you will see the cards linked to your online banking account.
  4. Click on one card to see your account details.
  5. Your account number will be shown there.How to Check HSBC Account Number via Internet Banking

So, those are two alternative methods of checking your account number if you don’t have any passbooks. Both methods are quite easy to do, and you can get your account quickly. But one thing for sure, the latter method will not require you to wait for the bank’s working hours since you can access your personal online banking anytime, anywhere.

If you opt to do the first method, not only you can have your account number, but you can also see the transaction list within the time period stated.