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How to check Hotlink data balance when you’re in Malaysia? When you’re traveling to Malaysia and using your GSM phone and your own prepaid sim card, you will be surprised by its additional roaming charges. Yet, Malaysia already prepares you for a widespread and mature GSM network that will help you wander this country.

One of the largest telecoms firms in Malaysia is Maxis, and one of their products is Hotlink, which is a prepaid sim card.

One interesting thing that Maxis allows tourists to have a relatively low SMS and call rates when they buy one. And for mobile internet users, Maxis also provides Hotlink Broadband SIM.

Once you got Hotlink, the mobile app will ease you to do several things related to communication. How to check hotlink data balance, then? We list you frequently to ask questions about Hotlink products.

How to Check Hotlink Data Balance

How Can I Check My Hotlink Data Balance?

You can check your phone number, by looking at the package of your Hotlink sim card. Another way is by dialing *139# to display the number.

After getting your number, check the remaining balance of the sim card by dialing *122# and your phone will display the balance you have.

Hotlink also provides the users with an “Easy Menu“. Try to dial *100# and you will have Hotlink specific services, like checking voicemail using Internet surfing.

Via *100# you can also check your internet status. Choose “Internet and Settings“, after that choose “Mobile Internet“, and the last select “Status“.

Who can buy the Unlimited Internet Passes?

Besides telling the users how to check Hotlink data balance, Hotlink also offers various services such as Unlimited Internet Passes. Users who are regarded as active subscribers of the Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited plan will be able to purchase any kinds of the Unlimited Internet Passes.

How many types of Unlimited Internet Passes?

Unlimited Internet Services have four different offers. The first one is Unlimited internet and calls with an active period is 30 days.

The price is RM 45 and you will get unlimited calls and internet with speed 6Mbps. Another offer is Unlimited internet and calls that will give you unlimited calls and data for 30 days with a maximum speed is 3Mbps.

For users who look for a weekly data package, choose Unlimited internet and calls for 7 days that cost you RM 12. The maximum speed for this package is 3 Mbps.

The last package is a daily package, the Unlimited internet, and calls that cost you RM 3 per day with a speed maximum of 3Mbps.

Can I Use the Unlimited Internet Passes quota via mobile hotspot with other devices?

Unfortunately not. This package can only be used on your smartphone. If you would like to use it as a mobile hotspot, try to purchase an Add-On for mobile hotspot.

What is FUP? How does it work?

The unlimited internet of Hotlink gives you a FUP limit. FUP means Fair Usage Policy that will be informed when you reach the limit of internet quota. You can still do surfing, but your speed will be limited until the package expires.

Choosing unlimited internet avoids you for how to check Hotlink data balance because the quota runs out when you are still on the internet.