How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement

There are various reasons why people print their bank statements. Some bureaucratic processes, especially those linked to money (or finance, in general) will typically ask your bank statement for specific reasons.

Applying for credit card may also require you to provide this statement. What about taking some loans? Bank statements will generally be asked from you as well.

How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement

Are Bank Statements Important?

Why is it important? Bank statements are like the big canvas of your financial condition. The transaction summaries will give the assessor better overview of your financial profiles. It provides them information about your spending habits, regular income, any bills or debts obliged, etc.

Getting your bank statement isn’t only useful for lenders or any financial institutions that take the paper as requirement for a certain reason. You, as the account owner, will get something enlightening as well from your bank statement, whether it is a hard copy or simply its digitized version (e-statement).

To mention some, the amount of your saving, your spending lists, fees charged will be visible there. By having your statement, you can’t help but to get enlightened by your compulsive spending habits. Hopefully, that will help you to cut off some unnecessary spending next time.

How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement

Find out below how to check Hong Leong bank statement in the explanation below.

1. Subscribing to e-Statement

Hong Leong is one bank that would love to go paperless as best as they can. Hence, per August 1st 2019, the bank decides to charge RM 1.00 for monthly credit card paper statement. Your account may not be a credit card account; yet printing your bank statement will charge you bucks, still.

So, in order to subscribe to e-Statement, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Login to internet banking portal of Hong Leong at Use your registered username and make sure you input the right password as well.How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement using e-Statement Online
  2. Activate Statement/Invoice tab.
  3. Under that tab, you will see Email Subscription. Simply give a click to it, and then followed by Statement Subscription.How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement using e-Statement Online Payment
  4. Subscribe to e-Statement by ticking off Stop hard copy statement (for credit card). Then, simply put your preferred email address in the designated box.How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement using e-Statement Online Payee
  5. You will get your e-Statement on the next billing cycle.

Don’t have Hong Leong Connect? Step-by-step how to register Hong Leong online

2. Print/Download Hong Leong Bank Statement Online

  1. Login to
  2. Click STATEMENT/INVOICE > Email Subscription > Statement Subscription > Download Statement.

3. Direct Visit to The Bank

Direct visit to the bank seems to be one solution for all banking problems including getting your bank statement. You can simply get the customer service representative to print your bank statement.

Don’t forget to indicate which account’s statement that you wish to get and for which period it is. Keep in mind that you will be charged for requesting this service.

Interestingly, despite the fact that Hong Leong bank wants to go paperless, if you’re fulfilling some conditions, there will be no fee charged to get your paper statement.

4. Hong Leong Bank Statement using Paper Statement

As mentioned in the bank’s official website, you will be exempted from paper statement fees if you are:How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement via Paper Statement

  • aged 60 or more,
  • having disabilities, or
  • facing difficulties to access e-Statements.

However, you’ll still need to request for exemption for the last two reasons.

5. How to Get Hong Leong Bank Statement using Post Office Box

To do that, you’ll need to write to Hong Leong Bank Card Center, PO Box 10385, Kuala Lumpur 50678, Malaysia. Enclose these documents:How to Check Hong Leong Bank Statement via PoBox

  • Full name
  • Your current mobile number
  • Supporting documents (scan copy of OKU card, etc.)
  • Reasons for requesting an exemption

So, those are two methods of how to check Hong Leong bank statement. If you need a quick bank statement, then it’s recommended to do the latter method.