How To Check CIMB Account Number

When people say that they forgot CIMB account number, it can mean two things: First, they forgot their account number because they haven’t used it in a long time and for quite some time, the account has been idle. This usually happens when a person has more than one banking service.

Second, they forgot their User ID and password for their online activities. This usually happens when they activate automatic password and User ID reminder in the browser and  it has been somewhat reset.

No need to worry. Both of these issues have their own solutions. What’s best is to keep your cool and don’t be panic-y. There are ways to figure it out.

How To Check CIMB Account Number

Idle Account

As it was mentioned before, the first issue likely happens because the account has been idle and you have lost your banking book. There are actually several ways to solve it:

First, you should always be able to check any banking records or letters, such as a cheque, a printed statement, or such thing alike.

These documents usually have the information related to your account. However, if you don’t have any records or whatsoever, go to the second attempts.

CIMB Clicks

The easiest way to check your account is to log into your online account. Most banks today are offering online service.

People usually register to the online service after they have opened an account to make their transaction go easily.

A User ID, Password, is all you need. If you don’t forget them, simply log in and view your account.

  1. Open
  2. Enter your User ID/Username and Password
  3. Select My Account > Account Summary
  4. Account Summary: Enable you to check and view the summary of all types of accounts at CIMB. The account summary will display your account type, account number and current account balance.

Don’t have CIMBClicks? Read: How to register CIMB clicks


Third way is to go to the ATM. Most banks offer a service where you can have a mini statement. It is a service where you can check your statement (at the ATM) and then print it out.

This is another applicable way to check your (account) number.

  1. Go to the nearest CIMB ATM
  2. Select Language
  3. Enter your ATM card and PIN
  4. Select Statement
  5. Select Mini Statement > Print
  6. You will get Islamic bank account number information

Customer Service CIMB

The last one is to go to one of the local offices and have them issue another banking book. If you have been idle for more than 6 months, it is highly likely that you will have to reactivate your account along the way. Basically, you can manage it while you are at the office.

Loosing Online ID and Password

Whereas the above explanation is applicable for the account number, the following explanation is applicable for the password and User ID. If this happens, you should be able to reset it online.

  1. Log into CIMB Clicks
  2. Choose Forgot Password and User ID
  3. Opt for the product that has been used to register (with the online service) Example: CIMB Debit/Credit CardReset Password CIMBclicks
  4. Provide the details, such as PIN or card number
  5. Enter the new password. Don’t forget to make confirmation
  6. Ask for TAC. Key in the code sent to you
  7. Your have completed the process!

In the event that you are completely clueless about the whole system and you are overwhelmed by the online solution, it is always a good idea to visit one of the branches. The staff will be able to help you. Not to mention that you can get a face-to-face interaction which helps you to understand the whole thing.